If you are still using Yahoo Mail, and wish to keep it safe, a good way is to reset your password once a while like in a few months or so.

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Without Phone Number

There are a number of ways of getting back your old password or simply resetting it to a new one, and using it thereafter.

  • First thing is to open your web browser and go to ‘yahoomail.com’, and enter your email (which is what you know for sure) and click on the ‘Next’ button below.
  • Now, the only thing you can do here is to click on ‘I Forgot My Password’ in the next step.
  • Then, you see it asks for the registered phone number, but here you can also find the ‘No, I don’t Know the Digits’ below it.
  • The next step is verification of your recovery email, which you might have access to. For this step, we believe you do, and then you can reset your password from it.
  • You have to click the ‘Yes, Send Me an Account Key’ button here and go to your alternate email address, and you get the access key to type for verification there.

Reset Yahoo Password if Forgotten

The same process that I was explaining above is linked to this issue as well. If you happen to forget your password and have access to the registered phone number, then you can get the ‘Yahoo Access Key’ on the phone.

  • Here is an article from the Yahoo help page which shows you how to change your password and recover if you have forgotten.
  • As we were going with ‘Step 1’ after you have found the ‘Yahoo Access Key’, whether, through the alternate email or phone, you have to copy-paste it in the field.
  • In the page where it asks for ‘Verify Your Account’ followed by ‘Enter Access Key’, you type the key. In the above case, you type it by copy-paste from email.
  • This is the easiest way when you have forgotten the password but have both alternate reminder email and phone with you.

With Security Questions

Another way you can also retrieve your password is by the help of the security questions that you had provided before. For that, you have to go to Yahoo ‘Sign-In’ helper.


Alternatively, if you do not have your phone number or email as well, you can click the ‘I don’t have Access to this Email’ also and go ahead.

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