You have a boyfriend but he does not pay you attention. Although he likes you, he is more interested in guys. You doubt that your boyfriend is gay. However, you are not sure. Here are a few signs that you need to look for. This way, you will tell if he is gay or not. Read on!

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1. Lack of Communication

Lack of communication is the first sign. If your guy is not sharing his feelings with you, it means he is gay. Interestingly, you feel the lack of communication but your boyfriend or husband does not bother it much. Although there is a lack of communication, he often tells you everything is okay. The lack of seriousness is the biggest sign.

2. Avoids Dating

If your guy is not fond of dating, you may doubt that he is gay. Some guys date girls but they don’t do it much often. To check whether or not he is gay, you should try to hook him up with your hot friend. If he is uncomfortable and reluctant to dating another girl (your friend), chances are that he is gay. Make sure you do this carefully to know for sure.

3. Homophobic Attitude

How to tell if someone is gay? Well, a homophobic attitude of the man illustrates his lack of interest in sexual orientation. He deals with his inner feelings. Also, he makes his efforts to overcome this attitude. He gets angry when you say words like LGBTQ or the gay community. When you see such an attitude, you can tell that he is gay.

4. Watches Gay Porn

When you browse through his search history, you see gay adult sites. Sometimes, it is accidental, which means he is not gay. However, if you often see gay adult sites in your boyfriend’s search history, it means he is gay. This is the clearest sign.

5. No Jealousy  

Your boyfriend does not get jealous when you talk about other men. He thinks that no one will take an interest in you. It is because he thinks of every man like him. This does not mean insulting you. It’s all about sexual preferences. In fact, he does not look at you the way he sees other men. Again, there is a lack of interest. You probably get the idea now!

6. Keep Secrets

In general, your boyfriend will keep secrets from you. He won’t tell you anything about his friends. For example, if his friend meets you two in the market, your boyfriend will try to hide him from you. This is a clear sign that he is in a relationship with his friend. Also, this means both are gays.

7. Make Compliments

Your boyfriend does not compliment ladies or girls. Instead, he defines the facial features of other men. He often talks about how handsome some random guy looks in the marketplace. All these are signs that your boyfriend is gay. Moreover, he often approaches guys in public and looks at this in a seductive manner.

8. Pink Color Clothing

Research shows that gay people love pink color. They often wear pink color clothes. If your boyfriend loves wearing pink T-shirts, jackets, coats, etc. it means he is gay. Remember, you must not rely on this sign solely. It is because straight men can also love wearing pink color clothing.

Wrapping Up, these are eight signs through which you can tell if someone is gay. The biggest sign, however, is the lack of interest in ladies and having more affection towards guys. It hurts when you find out he is gay. However, it’s up to you how you keep or continue a relationship with him.

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