Eyebrow tinting can be a tricky thing. Especially for those that don’t have much experience doing it. To that end, we’ve made a compilation of all the information that you might want to know about eyebrow tinting.

  1. Find the right color

  • This is the step that determines everything. Choosing the right color is something that needs to be done carefully and with great consideration of factors such as hair color and skin tone. As a general rule of thumb, the color needs to be a shade darker than the color of the hair.
  • However, some don’t like the risk and go for the same color as the hair is.
  1. Hair dye should not use for eyebrows

  • The thing is that regular hair dye has a completely different formula than the one used for tint eyebrows. Therefore, if you are doing this at home, make sure that you use the correct product.
  • The eyebrows are a way more sensitive than regular hair and this can damage from regular hair dye. The point is don’t experiment as you might regret it and lose an eyebrow or both.
  1. Things you need to tint your eyebrows at home

All anyone needs is an eyebrow kit. Almost all eyebrow kits contain the same things:

  • a developer
  • a mixing bowl
  • an application tool
  • eyebrow color
  1. How long does the process of eyebrow tinting last?

  • There is no straightforward answer to this one as it depends how skillful you are.
  1. DIY tinting at home 101

Here are some handy pieces of advice on how to tint your eyebrows on your own, in your own home.

  • Wear an old piece of clothing that if stained won’t matter much.
  • Pull back all of your hair and clean your face of any makeup.
  • Add some petroleum jelly around the eyebrows. That way you can protect the surrounding skin from accidentally staining.
  • First timers should always have near them sterile eye irrigation solution. That way in case you accidentally get dye in one of the eyes you can react immediately.
  • Apply in small amounts to avoid dripping.
  1. How to remove the tint from your eyebrows?

  • There is always a chance for something to go wrong when DIY. Sometimes you feel that the color could be bit darker or lighter, sometimes some areas may look bit different, and other times something completely different.
  • In any case, it is for the best not to panic, give yourself a breather before doing anything drastic. The color can settle naturally.
  • Very often you don’t see straight because your eyes are tired or you are looking from the wrong angle or there is little light in the environment. But even things go wrong, and you hate what you did reach out for a clarifying shampoo.
  1. In conclusion
  • Tinting your eyebrows is no rocket science, but it requires being focused and patience. If it is your first time, make sure that you are not distracted by anything and take your time.
  • As time goes, eye tinting will turn into a routine, and you will be able to do it very fast.

What can I use to tint my eyebrows?

Want to try eyebrow tinting at home? All you need is 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll need a timer, petroleum jelly, cotton swabs, mild shampoo, and the Just for Men Brush-In Color Gel for Mustache & Beard, which comes with dye, developer, a brush, gloves, and a mini tray.

Can I use hair dye on my eyebrows?

Can I use hair dye to dye my eyebrows? Permanent hair dye should not be used, as it is too strong for your facial skin and it may singe off your eyebrows. Moreover, it will damage your eyes if you accidentally get some in them. Instead, use beard dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes or demi-permanent eyebrow dyes.

Why is brow tinting banned?

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting has not been approved by the Food and medicine Administration (FDA) due to concern for the safety of the client’s eyes. The eyelid is the thinnest, and therefore most sensitive, skin on the body, making it more susceptible to an allergic reaction or irritation which can become permanent.

How can I naturally tint my eyebrows?

How do I darken my eyebrows myself?

DIY Coffee & Cocoa Eyebrow Dye
  1. 2 tablespoons used or wet coffee grounds.
  2. 1 teaspoon cocoa powder (for lighter color, use less)
  3. 2 tablespoons coconut oil.
  4. ½ teaspoon raw honey.
  5. 1–2 drops of aloe vera gel.

How can I grow my eyebrows in 3 days?

Below, we have curated a list of natural ways to improve eyebrow hair growth using natural home remedies that will transform your eyebrows in a matter of months.

  1. Castor oil. This is perhaps a very common yet effective way to grow eyebrows naturally.
  2. Coconut oil.
  3. Olive oil.
  4. Onion juice.
  5. Egg yolks.
  6. Petroleum jelly.

Can you tint your eyebrows with coffee?

Coffee grounds can actually make an effective brow tint that gives your brows a natural, defined look. All you have to do is mix the coffee with some other ingredients that you may already have in your pantry, and let the dye sit for less than a half hour — which means you‘ll have envy-worthy brows in no time.

Is tinting your eyebrows bad for them?

The major risks with eyebrow tinting are allergic reactions and infections; the skin around the eye is thinner compared to skin on the rest of the body, and more susceptible to allergic reaction and irritation,” she says.

Does castor oil grow eyebrows?

The fatty acids that make up castor oil are believed to be extremely nourishing to the skin. Many people report that with regular application, castor oil has helped them to grow thicker, longer eyelashes and eyebrows.

How long does castor oil take to grow eyebrows?

You guessed it—castor oil—is mixed with a blend of natural ingredients and two organic peptides, plus argan oil and vitamin B (aka everything your brow hairs to grow, baby grow). Swipe it daily to see results in 4-6 weeks.

Can castor oil cause pimples?

Castor oil is quite thick, and thus, it can clog your pores,” adds Dr Shetty. Needless to say, castor oil can lead to an acne outbreak, or for some, make it worse than before. In some cases, the oily layer can attract sweat and grime, and you know that’s not good news!

Is Vaseline good for eyebrows?

However, petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline) is safe to use on your eyes, and even eyelashes. The mineral oil in the jelly will help condition your brows and leave them soft and shiny. Vaseline works as a brow gel, too. It’s best to avoid Vaseline if you have oily or acne-prone skin, as it can clog pores.

Can you regrow eyebrows?

Takeaway. Most of the time, eyebrows do grow back, but how fast they grow will depend on your age and overall health. A little patience, avoiding plucking and waxing, and changing your diet may be all you need. An underlying medical condition can cause your eyebrows to fall out or prevent them from growing in properly.

What vitamins help grow eyebrows?

Foods that are rich in Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E can significantly support the hair growth and thus has a positive effect on the length and thickness of the eyebrows. In addition to your nutrition, you can also supplement your diet with our Daily Vitamin Capsules and Chewable Hair Vitamins.

Does rubbing your eyebrows help them grow?

Massage Your Brows

By gently massaging the brow area each night, you can help increase circulation to that area to promote hair growth.” Exfoliating your brows can also help. “Use a soft bristle toothbrush to gently exfoliate the brow area to stimulate the hair cycle,” advises Little.