A lot of people ask an important question about wearing a pocket watch. The question is “how to wear a pocket watch?” Some people even ask “what is the correct way to wear a pocket watch.”

There are different ways to wear a pocket watch. Pocket watches have gone through different designs and features over the years. However, the way to wear it has almost remained the same.

So, the direct answer to this question is that you can wear a pocket watch using a chain or fob in the waistcoat pocket. Make sure the fob passes through buttonholes. For instance, it must pass through the middle and then terminate a pocket. There, the chain or fob anchors an object called cigar cutter.

How to wear a pocket watch for a formal event?

A wedding is one of the formal events where men usually wear a pocket watch. Not only do they bring a great instant touch of class in the men’s attire, but it is also a nice way to stand out among the crowd. In particular, this is good for the groom. Here are a few ways to wear a pocket watch for formal events with different types of attires. Continue reading!

With a Suit

You can pair a pocket watch with a suit instead of using it with your shirt or waistcoat. Wearing a pocket watch with your suit is a bit more formal. Also, it is a nice way to create a powerful impression at weddings, parties, or any other special events.

Some people wear two-piece suits. This means they don’t wear a waistcoat. So, is it become harder to wear a pocket watch without a waistcoat? No, it is not. There are some ways you can attach the pocket watch.

You can attach a pocket watch chain through your suit’s buttonhole. This allows you to leave the pocket watch free – i.e. slipping into the jacket’s pocket. On the other hand, you can use a belt loop chain. It also allows you to attach the pocket watch to the trouser belt loop. So, this way, you can store the pocket watch safely in your trouser pocket.

With a Waistcoat

Wearing a pocket watch with a waistcoat is classic. For instance, men like to wear pocket watches with waistcoat for formal events like weddings, business parties, or any other formal occasion.

You may not know but wearing your pocket watch in such a way looks traditional, beautiful, and stylish. So, this is a nice choice when it comes to looking formal. Besides, this is perfect if you don’t want to wear a three-piece suit.

For instance, at a summer wedding, usually, people don’t wear the suit’s jacket. Alternatively, a waistcoat does a great job of attaching the pocket watch. When it comes to wearing a pocket watch, you need a bolt ring chain or T-bar chain. Without them, you can’t attach a pocket watch to your waistcoat.

One end of the chain attaches the pocket watch while the other end goes through the buttonhole of the waistcoat. You can then place the watch into your waistcoat pocket and leave the decorative elements of the chain on display. Simply put, the chain is visible.

How to wear a pocket watch casually?

Many people believe that pocket watches look good on formal attires. However, this is not the case. There are many people, especially men who wear pocket watches casually. If you are wondering about it, don’t worry, we are going to tell you how to wear a pocket watch informally or casually. Here is the best way to wear a pocket watch informally.

With Jeans

A lot of people think that jeans and pocket watches do not align well. However, if you are a fashion geek, you must know that fashion and style are something unique. It doesn’t care whether or not a particular accessory looks good on jeans.

At the same time, we must tell you that with the right type of styling, a pocket watch with jeans will look amazing and give an excellent impression. Indeed, it will. We recommend you to go for dark blue, grey, or black jeans if you want to wear a pocket watch.

On the other hand, we don’t recommend wearing stonewashed or light jeans with a pocket watch because this is not a good fashion statement. Similarly, you need to wear straight fit jeans or smarter slim jeans instead of going for a baggy or loose option.

When it comes to wearing a pocket watch with jeans, you need to choose a belt loop pocket chain. The next step is to place the watch in the pocket of your jeans. This is simple. The design of the chain depends on your personal choice.

Wrapping up, these are some of the ways you can wear a pocket watch with formal or casual attire. Make sure you wear dark blue or black suit or waistcoat. Also, go for the dark color jeans so that the combination of the pocket watch and your attire looks good.