What is the cause of rancidity how can it be prevented?

(i) When fats and oils are reduced, they become rancid. (ii) In chips packet, rancidity is prevented by oxygen. (iii) Rancidity is prevented by adding antioxidants.

What are the causes of rancidity Class 10?

  • The spoilage of food in such a way that it becomes unfit to eat is called rancidity.
  • It is caused by oxidation of fats and oils present in food.
  • It causes change in smell and taste of food.

What is rancidity write the causes and effects?

Generally, rancidity is increased if fat is exposed to some conditions that help the process such as exposure to high heat, humidity, oxygen, and sometimes, the type of containers (iron). The taste is due to the volatile chemicals, which are produced by the reactions with exposure to the conditions above.

What are rancidity four ways to prevent rancidity?

Oxidation of food resulting in bad taste and bad smell is known as rancidity.

Ways to prevent rancidity are :
  1. by adding antioxidants .
  2. by refrigerating the food items.
  3. by flushing the food with nitrogen gas.
  4. by using air tight containers.
  5. by vacuum packing.

What is rancidity in chemistry class 10?

Answer: Rancidity : When the substance containing oils and fats are exposed to air they get oxidised and become rancid due to which their smell, taste and colour change. This process is known as rancidity.

What type of reaction is responsible for causing rancidity?

Oxidation reactions
b) Oxidation reactions are responsible for causing rancidity.

What is rancidity how can we prevent it class 10?

Rancidity can be prevented by packaging fat and oil containing foods in Nitrogen gas because the packed food is surrounded by a nitrogen gas which is an unreactive gas and there is no oxygen or air to cause its oxidation and make it rancid.

How can we reduce the problem of rancidity Class 10?

It can be prevented by following methods: (i) The packing of food materials should be replaced the air with Nitrogen. (ii) The food materials should be placed at very low temperatures. (iii) Addition of antioxidants also prevents rancidity process.

How does refrigeration prevent rancidity?

When the food in kept in refrigerator, temperature is less. At lower temperature oxidation process that spoils the food is slowed down. This helps in preserving the food for longer time and preventing rancidity.