What does it mean when someone says locked and loaded?

“Locked and loaded” means “locking the magazine or cartridge into the gun and loading the ammunition into the gun’s chamber.” … “Lock and load” is “a military command to open the bolt of a machine gun (Lock Open) and load it.”

Where does the expression locked and loaded come from?

Origin of lock-and-load

Originated in American English, supposedly as an instructional command to prepare an M1 Garand, the main rifle used during World War II, for battle. the expression was popularized 1949 by John Wayne in the movie Sands of Iwo Jima.

What does the slang loaded mean?

3 chiefly US slang : intoxicated by alcohol or drugs especially : drunk They got loaded at the party. …

Is it locked and loaded or loaded and locked?

“Load” can be loading a round into the chamber, loading rounds into a magazine, or loading a magazine into a weapon. In modern usage “locked and loaded” it the phrase commonly used, although we think of it as “load and lock” – the round is loaded into the chamber and the bolt locks the breach.

Who says Lock load?

The phrase “Lock and load” did not exist until 1949, when Marion Morrison (better known as John Wayne) had immortalized it in the movie “Sands of Iwo Jima.” The “Duke” was supposed to say, “Load and lock” but erred and said, “Lock and load, boy, lock and load.”

What does it mean to be a loaded gun?

A muzzle-loader firearm is considered to be loaded when it is capped or primed and has a powder charge and ball or shot in the barrel or cylinder. … Loaded firearm means any firearm containing a cartridge in the chamber or any firearm containing a cartridge or cartridges in the attached cylinder, or magazine or clip.

When did load and lock become lock and load?

Popularized in culture after being used by John Wayne in Sands of Iwo Jima (1949).

What Locked in means?

Definition of locked-in

1 : not subject to adjustment : fixed locked-in interest rates. 2 : unable or unwilling to shift invested funds because of the tax effect of realizing capital gains.

What is the meaning of lock and key?

phrase [PHRASE after verb] If something or someone is kept under lock and key, they are in a container or room which has been securely locked.