What does Mamish mean in Yiddish?

6. Mamish. Mamish is the cornerstone of Yiddish hyperbole, that catch-all word people use just for emphasis. … Mamish is to Yiddish speakers what “totally” is to Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Example: I was mamish confused by that math problem, but my classmate is mamish a mensch and explained it to me.

What does Mamash mean in Yiddish?

One of the most common intensifiers you will hear in Hebrew is the versatile and useful mamash (mah-MAHSH), which is often used to mean “really,” “truly,” “actually” or “literally,” but can also mean “exactly” or “very,” depending on the context.

What is Mamash?

Filters. (Jewish) Really, very, truly. adverb. (Jewish) Precisely, exactly, specifically.

What does the Yiddish word nachas mean?

a feeling of unbridled gratification
‘Nachas’ means ‘a feeling of unbridled gratification’. It comes from the Hebrew word ‘Nachat’ and is one of the few words that has successfully crossed over into modern day, secular, Jewish parlance from the rapidly dying Yiddish language.