Is it OK to say Pepega?

Pepega is a pejorative. Many use it to mean the same thing as the slur for people with mentally handicapped people (the “r” word). Pepega is often spammed in chat when a streamer does something foolish or embarrassing, like missing an easy eliminate or dying.

What does Pepega mean on Twitch?

According to many, Pepega is a politically correct way of saying “retard.” The emote is most commonly used on Twitch chat and in subreddit set up for Forsen.

Why is it called Pepega?

“FOR SAN” or “Forsen” is a pseudonym of the streamer Sebastian Fors, who made the Pepega Emote famous. The Pepega Emote is a variation of the internet phenomenon “Pepe the Frog”, which was created by the comic artist Matt Furie. Consequently, the origin of the Pepega Emote is attributed to Matt Furie.

What does Monkas mean?

Monkas (or MonkaS as it’s sometimes spelled) is a popular Twitch emote. … The Monkas emote means anxiety or generally sweating. In the sense of sweating due to anxiety or due to stress in a specific situation.

What does Pepega mean in gaming?

The short answer is that “pepega” is used as a derisive online term and means “retard.” Granted it isn’t the most politically correct word, but since when has that ever stopped the internet? However, the more accurate answer is that pepega is an emote of a melted image of Pepe the frog. What is this?

What does DonoWall mean Twitch?

DonoWall Livestream Emote means to be completely ignored or disregarded (talking to a wall), whether in stream chat or donation.

What does sweating Pepe mean?

Image via BetterTwitchTV. When someone types “monkaS,” they are using a BetterTwitchTV emote depicting Pepe the frog looking nervous and sweating. The monkaS emote stands for scared or sweating, and is used to convey nervousness during a Twitch stream.

What is Sadge emote?

The meaning of Sadge is generally one of sadness or disappointment. It is used in Twitch chat to express sadness or similar emotions. Like most Twitch emotes though, it is also heavily used in an ironic sense. It is mostly be used sarcastically rather than always with the intent of showing off that emotion.

What is Pepe laugh?

PepeLaugh Emote Meaning

The PepeLaugh emote is often accompanied by the phrase “Here it comes.” It is used as a laugh emote similar to LUL or the crying laughter emoji due to the image’s teary eyes.