What does just a ruse mean?

a trick intended to deceive someone: It was just a ruse to distract her while his partner took the money. Synonym. artifice formal.

What is an example of a ruse?

A stratagem, trick, or artifice. The definition of a ruse is a trick. An example of a ruse is when you lie to someone to get them out of the house before a surprise party.

What is another word for a ruse?

Some common synonyms of ruse are artifice, feint, maneuver, stratagem, trick, and wile. While all these words mean “an indirect means to gain an end,” ruse stresses an attempt to mislead by a false impression.

Is a ruse a lie?

A ruse isn’t just any lie. A ruse involves a more elaborate process of deception than merely making a false claim, although making a false claim might be part of a ruse. … This would mean that his smile was potentially deceptive in that it is concealing cunning or greed.

Is a ruse a trick?

a trick, stratagem, or artifice.

What is a clever ruse?

plural ruses. Learner’s definition of RUSE. : a trick or act that is used to fool someone. His act was just a clever ruse to get me to go out with him.

When was the word ruse invented?

The verb ruse was in Middle English (rusen), mid-14c. as “drive (someone) back in battle,” also “retreat, give ground, withdraw;” late 14c., of game animals “travel so as to elude pursuit.” The noun also was used in Middle English in the sense of “roundabout course taken by a hunter in pursuit of prey.”

What does the word truce?

Definition of truce

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a suspension of fighting especially of considerable duration by agreement of opposing forces : armistice, cease-fire. 2 : a respite especially from a disagreeable or painful state or action.

What does it mean to get jaded?

Full Definition of jaded

1 : fatigued by overwork : exhausted a jaded horse. 2 : made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience or by having or seeing too much of something jaded network viewers jaded voters. Other Words from jaded Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About jaded.

What does it mean to reel in pain?

to feel very shocked, upset, or confused. reel from: The banks were reeling from the unexpectedly large losses. reel at: Local people are still reeling at the news of his death.

Does truce mean peace?

When two warring sides decide to call it quits, it’s called a truce — an agreement to end the fighting. When there’s a truce, the two sides stop attacking each other, catch their breath, and try to work out a peace deal. A truce isn’t a permanent solution: it’s more like a time-out.

What are examples of truce?

The definition of a truce is an agreement between opponents or enemies to temporarily stop fighting. When two people who were in an argument agree to stop fighting and get along, this is an example of a truce.

What does let’s make a truce mean?

A truce is an agreement between two people or groups of people to stop fighting or arguing for a short time.

How do you call a truce in a marriage?

Call a truce: Agree to take everything that is causing stress in your marriage and put it away in a box. Put the box in the closet or in your back yard. Resolve to take six months off and just focus on what is good in the relationship.

How long does a truce last?

In Europa Universalis II, a truce is a diplomatic agreement between two countries pledging that they will not declare war on each other for a period of five years.

What happens if you break a truce?

Basically, a truce is included in the peace deal with your enemies along with another deal terms. When you break the truce, you basically break the peace deal with your enemies. That means you are an untrustworthy player and it’s legitimate to say you will have severe relations with other countries.

How do I call truce?

Such a truce is often offered in the form of a question, simply by saying, “Truce?” If the other person agrees, they can also just say, “Truce.” Remember: just because two armies or countries or people have agreed to a truce doesn’t mean the conflict is over forever—some truces are only temporary.

How long does a truce last ck2?

Most truces last 10 years, but some casus belli have shorter truce durations. All war outcomes lead to a truce (except for “war ended inconclusively”). Rebellions add bilateral truces. Truces are between individual leaders, so if the ruler of either realm dies, the truce becomes irrelevant.

What’s the difference between peace and truce?

Peace is a situation or period of time in which there is no war or violence in the country or an area whereas truce is an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting for an agreed period of time.