Who died in Hi-Five group?

Tony Thompson
Tony Thompson (singer)
Tony Thompson
Birth name Anthony Ulysses Thompson, Jr.
Born September 2, 1975 Waco, Texas, U.S.
Origin Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.
Died June 1, 2007 (aged 31) Waco, Texas, U.S.

What happened to the group called High Five?

They disbanded in 1994 until reuniting in 2006. To say that Hi-Five have had their fair share of trials and tribulations would be an understatement. The group struck tragedy in 2007 when lead singer Tony Thompson was found deceased as a result of inhaling freon from an air conditioning unit.

Is Tony Thompson death?

Where is Russell Neal today?

Former Hi-Five singer Russell Neal is now in Rusk State Hospital, a mental institution, after claiming insanity in his wife’s murder.

Will Hi-5 come back?

Impossibly sparkly and colourful TV series Hi-5 is officially getting new life breathed into it by its OG home Channel Nine after a 5-year absence. The network announced today that they’d be rebooting the series, with a brand new cast, in 2017.

Is Hi-5 Australian?

Hi-5 is an Australian children’s television series, originally produced by Kids Like Us and later Southern Star for the Nine Network, created by Helena Harris and Posie Graeme-Evans.

What happened Catherine Martinez?

The mother of the model police say was beaten and stabbed to death by former Hi-Five singer Russell Neal says the killing ‘took her heart. ‘ Catherine Martinez, 24, was found brutally murdered in the apartment she shared with Neal, 40, after he walked into a Texas police station and said his wife was deceased.

What happened to music group troop?

Reggie Warren, member of the R&B group TROOP (Total Respect Of Other People), passed away over the weekend. According to TMZ report, the singer — who suffered from several health issues over the years — died in his Pasadena home among loved ones. He was 52 years old. … He did not die from COVID-19.

Who was Russell Neal wife?

Who is Catherine Martinez?

Christina Catherine Martinez is a writer, actor, award-winning art critic, and comedian living in Los Angeles. She’s been named both a Comedian You Should Know by Vulture and a Comic to Watch by TimeOutLA in 2020. … Her commissioned video performance for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art can be seen HERE.

Who are the members of TROOP?

Allen McNeil

Lead Vocals
Steve Russell

Lead Vocals
John Harreld


How old is Russell Neal?

Police say 40-year-old Russell Neal walked into a sheriff’s office on Wednesday and told authorities his wife was deceased at their home. Police say he was arrested and made no further comment.

Which one of the DeBarge brothers died?

Tommy DeBarge
Tommy DeBarge of the R&B band Switch died at 64 on Oct. 21, his brother El DeBarge confirmed on social media. TMZ first broke the news. According to his family members, the bassist/vocalist was suffering from kidney and liver failure and died in the hospital.

How old was Reggie P when he died?

Reggie Bagala
Succeeded by Joseph Orgeron
Personal details
Born Reggie Paul BagalaJuly 8, 1965
Died April 9, 2020 (aged 54) Raceland, Louisiana, U.S.

What did TROOP stand for?

Total Respect Of Other People
TROOP is an acronym for “Total Respect Of Other People“. The group is most notable for a series of number-one R&B hits, including popular cover versions of the songs “All I Do Is Think of You” and “Sweet November”, originally performed by musical acts The Jackson 5 and The Deele, respectively.

Where is Tommy DeBarge now?

Tommy now joins his brother Bobby in the heavenly band. The latest update says that according to Tommy’s daughter, Marina DeBarge, he also fought with Covid-19 this year alongside kidney and liver disease.

Did Bobby DeBarge and LaToya Jackson date?

DeBarge’s eldest son, Bobby, dated LaToya Jackson in the late ’70s when he was a member of the Motown funk group Switch. Her son James married Janet Jackson in 1984 and lived with the Jackson family in their California mansion for the duration of their marriage, which lasted only months before it was annulled.

What happened to the group Switch?

Switch has since reunited, featuring original members founder/leader Williams, Fluellen, Ingram, original sessions/on stage guitarist Michael McGloiry, and new lead vocalist Akili Nickson. Former bass guitar player and backup singer Tommy DeBarge died on October 21, 2021, at age 64.

What did Tommy DeBarge pass away from?

What happened to Robert DeBarge SR?

In 1988, Bobby was sentenced to 5 years in prison for medicine trafficking. He later died at 39 years old of complications from HIV/AIDS contracted in prison. Bunny DeBarge, the only female member of DeBarge, once stated that she doesn’t hate her father, that she had a way of blocking things out of her mind.

Who is El DeBarge’s wife?

What is wrong with Randy DeBarge?

A father of five, Randy DeBarge reportedly suffered drug and alcohol addiction but was able to find partial sobriety in the mid-1990s. According to a recent JET article on the whereabouts of the singing DeBarge family, Randy’s mother revealed that DeBarge suffers from an incurable disease that was not fatal.

Is Tommy DeBarge still living?