What does the word Mazama mean?

Mazama is among the obsolete names for mountain goat, though it is derived from an Aztec word meaning “small deer.” When geologist Joseph S. Diller of the U.S. Geological Survey was making the first topographic map of the Crater Lake area in 1896, he asked about a name for the mountain that holds the lake.

What language is Mazama?

Nahuatl language
Mazama is the name bestowed on the mountain that occupied Crater Lake and the surrounding Crater Lake National Park. The name comes from the Nahuatl language that was spoken by the Aztecs, being the plural for deer.

What county is Mazama in?

Mazama (/məˈzæmə/ mə-ZAM-ə) is an unincorporated community in Okanogan County (population 158) located in the Methow Valley of Washington, on the east slopes of the North Cascades and North Cascades National Park.

How do you pronounce Mount Mazama?

When was Mount Mazama formed?

Mount Mazama was formed as a succession of overlapping cones and shields during a period of relatively continuous volcanic activity that lasted nearly half a million years, from about 420 to 40 ka.

What county is the Methow Valley in?

Okanogan County
Okanogan County in North-Central Washington State has the best family vacations! Scenic byways, tours, hikes, and family adventures await you in every corner of Okanogan Country: from the Northern Okanogan region to the Methow Valley, across the Columbia River Basin, and into the Heart of the Okanogan.