What’s short for Cassandra?

Origin of Cassandra

Short: Cass, Kass, Sandra, Saundra. Pet: Cassi, Cassie, Cassy, Kassi, Kassie, Sandi, Sandie, Sandy.

Is Cassandra a rare name?

The name peaked in popularity in the United States in 1990 with over 7000 girls named Cassandra born that year; the name is now rarer in the US for babies, with only about 1000 given it in 2010.

Is cassia a nickname for Cassandra?

Overall, Cassia is an appealing rarity. She’s a possible short form for Cassandra or Katherine, but stands well on her own. Sassy nickname option Cassie makes her wearable for a child.

Is Sandy a nickname for Cassandra?

Sandy is a diminutive of Sandra, or Alexandra. … Most likely, it is a diminutive of the name Alexandra, possibly Cassandra. In the U.S., it was very popular in the 1950s. Alexandra is a feminine form of Alexander.

What does Cassandra mean in the Bible?

In Greek the meaning of the name Cassandra is: Unheeded prophetess. Cassandra was a Trojan prophetess, daughter of King Priam.

What is the personality of the name Cassandra?

When people hear the name Cassandra, they perceive you as someone who is stimulating, idea generator, talkative, and charismatic. You can attract, influence, and inspire people. You are often seen wearing functional clothing that can work for day and night events.

What does the name Sandie mean?

In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Sandie is: Defender of men; protector of mankind.

How old is the name Cassandra?

The name was occasionally used between the Middle Ages and the 18th century, but is still a fashionable today.

Baby Name: Cassandra.
meaning Helper of men
gender girl
origin Greek
popularity familiar
syllables 3
Mar 4, 2020

What is Sandy slang?

Sandy (plural Sandies) (slang) A Scotsman.