What is Kit Sovain real name?

Miss Kitty (Kitty Sovain)

It appears that Miss Kitty’s real name just so happens to be Kitty Sovain, per Sportskeeda. The makeup artist and entreprenuer’s role on the show is to work as brand ambassador for Charmaine Bey’s 2nd City Ink tattoo shop.

What happened to Kitty from Black Ink?

Kitty left ‘Black Ink: New York’ behind

Kitty’s been seen in episodes of Black Ink Crew: Chicago and remains on good terms with Charmaine Bey and Ryan from that franchise. But the drama from New York spilled over into real life, and some of it played out on social media. These days, Kitty is over it.

What is kitty from Black Ink worth?

Charmaine has an estimated net worth of over $200,000 in 2021. As of mid-2019, sources estimated a net worth around that amount, earned through a successful career on the show and through her businesses.

Did Ryan and Kitty sleep together?

Skyy Days accused Kitty of “screwing” Ryan. This was after Ceaser’s baby mama Crystal spread wild rumors about the shop’s brand ambassador sleeping her way to the top. … However, she did admit to meeting with Ryan but added that it was all “platonic” and that they had never slept together.

What nationality is Miss Kitty from black ink?

What happened between Kitty and Ryan?

According to Ryan, Kitty threw their friendship away after Ryan’s former friend blasted him on social media. Anthony Lindsey claimed that Ryan slept with his baby momma behind his back. He felt betrayed. And he also alleged that the situation happened while he was fighting cancer.

Who did Ryan sleep with?

Ryan Henry opens up about affair on Black Ink Crew

Back in October 2020, Henry’s best friend Anthony Lindsey exposed him for sleeping with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Nina Marie. Unsurprisingly, social media responses were filled with outrage as Ryan betrayed his BFF.

Who is Ryan dating from 9mag?

Ryan Henry and his high school sweetheart, Rachel Leigh, have the quintessential on-again, off-again relationship. Even when the Black Ink Crew Chicago stars aren’t “on,” they’re supportive of one another and committed to raising their 12-year-old son, Mason.

Who is Ryan Henry sister?

Who baby mother did Ryan sleep with?

Ryan Henry Admitted To Sleeping With Anthony Lindsey’s Baby Mama. Ryan posted a video on Instagram admitting to sleeping with Anthony’s baby mama Nina Marie. The pair were formerly best friends. He said that this happened about a week prior and that he and Anthony already spoke about it and cleared the air.

Who did Ryan sleep with from Black Ink crew?

On Black Ink Crew: Chicago, most of the drama takes place on camera. However, Ryan Henry found himself deep in one of the biggest scandals to hit social media. After his ex BFF, Anthony Lindsey, outed him for sleeping with his on-again off-again girlfriend, Nina Marie, in Oct. 2020, social media was set ablaze.

Who is Ryan’s baby’s best friend?

Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Ryan Henry has admitted to sleeping with his best friend Anthony Lindsay’s baby mama Nina Marie while Lindsay battle cancer. In a video on Instagram, Henry said that he and Lindsay had worked things out before the story became public.

What did Ryan do to his friend Anthony?

Ryan Henry Sits Down With His Ex-Best Friend Anthony Lindsey Months After Admitting To Sleeping With The Mother Of Anthony’s Child. … In fact, he told Anthony that him sleeping with Nina had nothing to do with their friendship. Ryan also expressed he was hurt that Anthony revealed the scandal to his girlfriend Rachel.

Who is Ryan Henry’s bestfriend?

Anthony Lindsey
On the next episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Ryan Henry faces Anthony Lindsey, his best friend whom he betrayed last year when he slept with the mother of Lindsey’s child.

Who is Anthony Lindsey?

Anthony Lindsey is most popularly known as an entrepreneur. He is also known to be in a relationship with his baby mamma Nina Maire. In fact, they both have been receiving a lot of media attention after Anthony’s baby mamma Nina cheated on him with his best friend, Ryan.