What is the main industry in the Caribbean?

What are the major industries in the Caribbean? The principal natural resources are petroleum, fish, and natural gas and the main industries are tourism, sugar, light manufacturing, and component assembly for export.

What is the biggest economy in the Caribbean?

Dominican Republic

With a GDP per capita income of 19,452, the Dominican Republic has both one of the largest economies in Latin America and one of the largest GDPs of the different nations that make up the Caribbean Islands.

What is the main source of income for the Caribbean?

Tourism is one of the main economic drivers for many countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region, accounting for 8.8 percent of overall GDP in the region in 2008 (Source: World Tourism Organization).

What is the wealthiest island in the world?

The most expensive island in the world is Lanai island in Hawaii which is worth $610 million. This tropical paradise is home to pristine beaches, coconut palm trees and stunning marine life that is waiting to be explored.

Which Caribbean island has the best economy?

Barbados is a mixed economy Barbados maintains the third largest stock exchange in the Caribbean region.

GDP per Capita Income (USD)
Caribbean GDP per capita (PPP) in USD
Bermuda 85,748
Cayman Islands 64,103
US Virgin Islands 34,899
British Virgin Islands (BVI) 34,200
May 29, 2019

What is the most developed Caribbean island?

The Bahamas is the Caribbean’s most developed country.

Which Caribbean island has the highest standard of living?

Grand Cayman It’s the most livable island in the Caribbean, from fast Internet to a broad array of real estate options to culture, food and a growing arts scene.

What is the poorest Caribbean country?

1. Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in North America with a per capita GDP of $671.

Which Caribbean island is the safest?

Montserrat. Nicknamed “The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean” both for its terrain and the heritage of its inhabitants, Montserrat is a British territory in the Leeward Islands and it is considered to be the safest island in the Caribbean, with its last recorded murder occurring in 2008.

Why is Barbados so rich?

The country’s three main economic drivers are: tourism, the international business sector, and foreign direct-investment. These are supported in part by Barbados operating as a service-driven economy and an international business centre.

What is the best country in the Caribbean?

Caribbean vacation rankings
  • #1. St. Lucia.
  • #2. British Virgin Islands.
  • #3. Turks & Caicos.

What is the friendliest Caribbean island?

Saba. Though it’s one of the lesser known islands, Saba is just as beautiful and welcoming as the other—and was voted the friendliest island in the Caribbean. “It’s a lovely, small island with an incredibly warm and friendly population,” one of our readers describes.

What is the cheapest Caribbean island to live on?

5 Caribbean islands where it’s affordable to live
  • Ambergris Caye, Belize. As the largest island in Belize, Ambergris Caye is known for housing the Belize Barrier Reef. …
  • Roatan, Honduras. Roatan is just 50 square miles off Honduras’ northern coast. …
  • Isla Mujeres, Mexico. …
  • Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. …
  • Isla Colón, Panama.

Which Caribbean island has the least crime?

Montserrat. This island has the lowest crime rates in the entire Caribbean. In Montserrat most visits are trouble-free.

What is the safest Caribbean island to visit 2021?

The safest Caribbean islands in 2021
  • Aruba. Located outside the hurricane belt just off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is an extremely safe destination that pretty much guarantees excellent weather no matter when you visit. …
  • Turks & Caicos. …
  • Cayman Islands. …
  • St. …
  • Barbados. …
  • St. …
  • Anguilla. …
  • Martinique.

Which Caribbean island has the least mosquitoes?

The tiny island of Montserrat in the Caribbean British West Indies is one of the few hot places that is virtually mosquito free. The island has clean drinking water, very low crime rates, exceedingly friendly people. The temperature is never below 20C, rarely above 30C, and generally has a wonderful breeze.