What is a meaning of skew?

1 : set, placed, or running obliquely : slanting. 2 : more developed on one side or in one direction than another : not symmetrical.

Will SQUE the results?

to cause something to be not straight or exact; to twist or distort: These last-minute changes have skewed the company’s results.

What does it mean to be skewed toward?

​skewed (towards somebody/something) directed towards a particular group, place, etc. in a way that may not be accurate or fair. The book is heavily skewed towards American readers.

Can you skew the results?

If something is skewed, it is changed or affected to some extent by a new or unusual factor, and so is not correct or normal.

What do you mean by slant?

2 : to turn or incline from a right line or a level : slope. transitive verb. 1 : to give an oblique or sloping direction to. 2 : to interpret or present in line with a special interest : angle stories slanted toward youth especially : to maliciously or dishonestly distort or falsify.

What is another word for skew?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for skew, like: angle, distort, straight, blunder, biased, glance, slip, slant, slue, veer and yaw.

Can a person be skewed?

Also, opinions are often skewed: this is another way of saying someone is biased. People often accuse news reports of being skewed toward one political viewpoint. A movie could be skewed toward one character more than the other. When you think of skewed, think of leaning and slanting of all sorts.

What does skewed mean in a sentence?

1 : distorted from a true value or symmetrical form problematic polling methods that resulted in skewed data …

What is the opposite of skew?

having an oblique or slanting direction or position. “the picture was skew” Antonyms: vertical, horizontal, perpendicular, line up, aline, adjust, align.

What is the opposite meaning of skewed?

Opposite of slanted, curled or bending to one side. even. level. straight. symmetrical.

Is it skew or skew?

This is the British English definition of skew. View American English definition of skew. View the pronunciation for skew.

skew ​Definitions and Synonyms.
present tense
I/you/we/they skew
he/she/it skews
present participle skewing
past tense skewed

What is a better word for changed?

What is another word for changed?
different new
modified transformed
converted rehabilitated
altered amended
contrasting differing

What does it mean to be biest?

1 : exhibiting or characterized by bias. 2 : tending to yield one outcome more frequently than others in a statistical experiment a biased coin. 3 : having an expected value different from the quantity or parameter estimated a biased estimate.

How do you know if data is skewed?

If one tail is longer than another, the distribution is skewed. These distributions are sometimes called asymmetric or asymmetrical distributions as they don’t show any kind of symmetry. Symmetry means that one half of the distribution is a mirror image of the other half.

What is the fancy name for smell?

What is another word for smell?
scent aroma
reek stench
stink pong
aura hum
musk malodour

What’s a word for positive change?

What is another word for change for the better?
betterment improvement
growth embellishment
elevation rise
upswing boost
breakthrough cultivation

What is it called when you make something better?

sharpen. verb. to improve or make something improve.