How serious is surgery for diverticulitis?

You may experience leakage from the ends of the colon that were surgically attached. Treatment for a leak may be as simple as taking antibiotics. With more severe episodes, another operation may be necessary. Bleeding, infection, and blood clots are other potential complications of the procedure.

What is the success rate for diverticulitis surgery?

An open surgical approach was used in 113,701 cases, with 840 deaths (mortality 4.69%, with 95% CI 2.29–9.36; p < 0.001). Resection with primary anastomosis was successfully completed in 5546 patients, and 59 of these patients died (mortality 1.96%, with 95% CI 1.22–3.13; p < 0.001).

How long does it take to recover from diverticulitis surgery?

In 4 to 8 weeks you will be recovered from surgery and back on a regular diet, but it is important to keep your colon healthy.

How often is diverticulitis surgery?

About a quarter of diverticulitis patients need surgery because the symptoms are so severe. Twenty two percent of these people have future attacks after surgery.