What triggers Mr curtains narcolepsy?

While Mr. Benedict’s cataplexy was generally caused by strong fits of laughter, Mr. Curtain’s was usually caused by strong anger. As such, he generally wore obstructive glasses and traveled about in a wheelchair in order to disguise his condition.

Does Dr Curtin have narcolepsy?

He is, in fact, quite physically strong and uses the wheelchair mainly to disguise the fact that he has narcolepsy due to anger, as a fit of sleeping will generally cause him to collapse if he is standing. Unlike Mr. Benedict, Mr. Curtain’s narcolepsy is not triggered by laughter.

Why isn’t Mr. Curtain in a wheelchair in the show?

And Ryan Hurst makes for a sad but hilarious Milligan. The scenes feel lifted right from the book, with much needed adjustments like Mr. Curtain no longer using a wheelchair so as to avoid the Evil Cripple trope.

What was the secret that Mr. Curtain told Reynie?

Curtain he expected to be made a messenger himself since he’s been making perfect scores on the exams, and Mr. Curtain tells Reynie he must be patient. He’s new. His time will come.

Is Milligan Kate’s dad?

Milligan was a spy captured by Mr. Curtain. Although his memories were erased by Mr. … However, near the end of the first book, when the four children are in danger and he desperately needs to save them, that triggers his memory and is revealed to be Kate’s father.

What is Constance Contraire gift?

Another Aptly Named Character

Constance Contraire is, as her name implies, both constant and contrary. When told to bring one pencil to a test, she brings thirty-seven.

Does Mr. Curtain Love SQ?

Love. S.Q. Pedalian is loyal to Mr. Curtain because of love.

What did Constance say in Morse code to Reynie?

Trivia (1)

The Morse code word Constance spells out (to which Reynie responds, ” I’d rather not say that word”) is “tushy”.

How did Constance Contraire pass the tests?

Just like Reynie, Kate, and Sticky, Constance managed to pass all the tests in her own way—essentially by refusing to participate on any terms but her own. When told to bring just one pencil, Constance showed up with thirty-seven. When asked to answer multiple choice questions, Constance wrote poems.

What is number twos real name?

Number Two, also known as Diego is played by Jane the Virgin actor David Castañeda.

What is Constance Contraire accent?

While her name sounds French, she speaks with a Russian accent, as her actress is from Russia. Her last name, Contraire is based on her contrary opinions and personality.

Is Constance Contraire an orphan?

Constance was orphaned at a very early age, growing up in the house of a woman named Myrtle. Soon after her second birthday, Ten Men (then called Recruiters) tried to buy her for Mr. Curtain, so that she could be enrolled in the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened.

How did Constance cure Mr. Benedict?

Benedict suffers from narcolepsy, which causes him to fall asleep when experiencing strong emotions (usually laughter, but Constance Contraire cures him of his narcolepsy using her psychic abilities).

Is Duskwort a real plant?

Duskwort (Translucidus somniferum) is an extremely rare plant. A Nordic legend says that a band of Vikings came upon a village of sleeping inhabitants who had inhaled smoke from a fire into which a small portion of duskwort was thrown.

What happened to Milligan The Mysterious Benedict Society?

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

Milligan is forced to split up from the children to face McCracken. McCracken leaves him hanging on the side of the building. … This shows his dedication to the kids. At the end of the book he goes into retirement.

Why does Sticky go to the waiting room?

Sticky is sent to the Waiting Room after he is caught cheating. He does not want to talk to Reynie about it and says he will not go back no matter what. Milligan was held in the Waiting Room when he was captured. He was able to escape by digging down through the mud until he reached an underground stream.

What is Mr. Benedict’s first name code?

Trivia. Mr. Benedict’s first name, Nicholas, is not revealed until the second book, unless the reader breaks the piece of Morse code in the back cover of the first book. However, his name is stated in the first episode of the TV show.

How did Constance Contraire destroy the whisperer?

Constance Contraire uses her psychic powers to destroy the Whisperer.

What did sticky fear most after his experience in the waiting room?

What did Sticky fear most after his experience in the Waiting Room? Sticky feared facing Mr. Curtain most and revealing his mission.

Where is Mr. Benedict’s house?

It is located in Stonetown, near the Monk Building. The home is owned by Mr. Benedict and he, along with Milligan and his adopted daughters Rhonda Kazembe and Number Two, reside there when it first appears in The Mysterious Benedict Society.

How does Mysterious Benedict Society end?

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 ends with Milligan and Kate sharing a heartwarming moment, hinting that he will adopt her. Reynie tells Ms Perumal that he wants to stay with her. Sticky decides to go to the Boatwright Academy, and Constance will stay with Mr Benedict.

Where does Mr. Benedict live?

The metropolis of Stonetown is a fictitious city in the Mysterious Benedict Society series and the main setting for much of the story. All of the major characters live in Stonetown at some point.

Who is the villain in The Mysterious Benedict Society?

Mr. Curtain
Benedict’s twin, Mr. Curtain—the villain of the series—wants to use his brainsweeping device, The Whisperer, to take over the world.

What does Kate have in her bucket?

Kate’s bucket contains: An excellent spyglass disguised as a cheap kaleidoscope. A slingshot and marbles. A Swiss Army knife.

Who is Jamie Mysterious Benedict Society?

That refers to Jamie Tarses, a producer of the series who died on Feb. 1 before the series aired. Showbiz Cheat Sheet also spoke to The Mysterious Benedict Society writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. They shared their memories of Tarses and reflected on her contribution to the show.