When connecting single pole 3 way and 4 way switches they must be wired so that all switching is done in the blank circuit conductor?

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What is the identified grounded circuit conductor may be which colour? White
When connecting single-pole, three-way, and four-way switches, they must be wired so that all switching is done in the ??? Circuit conductor? Ungrounded (Hot) conductor

How many 4 way switches are required to control a light from five locations?

Four-Way Switch

If you want to have control from more than three locations—for example, five locations—you would still use two three-way switches (one on each end) and three four-way switches between the two three-ways.

When metal switch plates are used with nonmetallic boxes the faceplate must be grounded according to 404.9 B How is this accomplished?

When metal toggle faceplates are used with nonmetallic boxes, the faceplate must be grounded according to 404.9(B). How it this accomplished? Through the No. 6-32 screws which secure the faceplate.

What does Section 404.9 B say regarding the installation of switches?

NEC 404.9(B) requires that snap switches shall be connected to an equipment-grounding conductor and shall provide a means to connect metal faceplates to the equipment-grounding conductor.

What are four types of lighting switches?

Types of Light Switches (A Guide for Beginners)
  • Single-Pole Light Switch – The most common type of light switch in your home, single-pole switches are lever-based switches with a simple on and off function. …
  • Multi-Location Switches – …
  • Dimmer Switch – …
  • Programmable Timer Switch – …
  • Occupancy Switch –

What type of conductor must be used for switching?

The NEC specifically bars switching the grounded (neutral) conductor or the grounding conductor [404.2(B)] (Fig. 1 at right). Thus, for a simple on/off operation of a 120V light, the switch contacts must be wired in series with the hot lead.

How many terminals does a four-way switch contain?

four terminals
4-Way Switches

There are four terminals that provide two sets of toggle positions on a four-way switch. Each set of terminals is one of the toggle positions. When the switch is in the up position, the current can flow through two terminals. In the down position, the current flows through the other two terminals.

How many terminals does a four-way switch contain ground terminal not included?

A four-way switch is similar to a three-way, except it has four terminals (plus a ground terminal) and controls one fixture from three locations.