When did the G2 Contender come out?

Unlike the Contender, the Encore is centerfire or muzzleloader, without a rimfire option. The Generation Two Contender (G2 Contender), introduced in 2003, uses an action that is dimensionally the same as the original Contender (now called Generation One or G1) but with the Encore trigger group.

Are contender and G2 barrels interchangeable?

The G2 CONTENDER® frame will accept all Contender® barrels and their corresponding forends (except the Herrett forend). Blued or stainless barrels are readily interchangeable.

Do they still make Thompson Contender?

With simple barrel interchangeability, time-proven long range accuracy and adaptability between rimfire and centerfire, the versatility of the G2 Contender is unmatched by any other interchangeable platform in the world.

Rifle Barrels.
Caliber 23″ Blued 23″ Stainless
30-30 Win 06234228

How can you tell the difference between a G1 and G2 Contender?

What is a contender gun?

The Thompson/Center Contender is a break-action single-shot pistol or rifle that was introduced in 1967 by Thompson/Center Arms. It can be chambered in cartridges from . 22 Long Rifle to . 45-70 Government.

What is the difference between TC Encore and Contender?

What is a Thompson Contender Super 14?

The Super 14 Contender is the most recognizable single-shot pistol produced by Thompson Center Arms. … This single-shot pistol has been in existence since the late 1960s and has proved a very successful design.

Are all Thompson Contender barrels interchangeable?

Blued or stainless barrels are readily interchangeable. removing the forend, tipping the barrel open and tapping out the hinge pin. All Contender® barrels will fit; blued and stainless barrels are interchangeable.