What paperwork do I need to buy a gun in Texas?

Texas does not have a waiting period nor does it register firearms. You do have to show government issued identification to ensure your eligibility to purchase a gun. If you have a License to Carry (LTC), bring it in, we will not need to conduct a background check. You will just simply fill out the required paperwork.

Do I need a license to buy a gun in Texas?

You won’t have to worry about obtaining a permit to simply purchase a handgun in Texas. … For one thing, you must be at least 21 years of age or older to buy a handgun. The age requirement is 18 or older for general firearm purchases, although there are some exceptions for minors using guns with proper adult supervision.

Do I need a Texas ID to buy a handgun?

Q: What kind of ID is needed to buy a gun in Texas? A: For Texas residents, a state-issued ID card or driver’s license.

How much is a gun license in Texas?

The standard fee for an original LTC is $40. The standard fee for a renewal of a LTC is $40. However, Texas law provides for some discounts if you meet certain special conditions.

Can I buy a gun in Texas if I don’t live there?

NOTE: You can’t buy a handgun outside your state of residence and take possession of it in Texas, it is a violation to receive a handgun outside your state of residence. California residents are prohibited from receiving a firearm from anyone who does not have a California Firearm Dealer license.

Can I carry a handgun in my car in Texas?


The Texas Motorist Protection Act (HB 1815), effective as of September 1, 2007, permits any law-abiding Texas resident the legal right to carry a handgun inside their motor vehicle in Texas without a Handgun License to Carry or any other permit.

Can you open carry handgun in Texas?

Open Carry

Known by supporters as “constitutional carry,” House Bill 1927 allows Texans 21 and over to carry handguns — openly or concealed — without obtaining a state-issued license, so long they are not excluded from possessing a firearm by another federal or state law.

What states are fully automatic guns legal?

Five states—Idaho, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming—regulate the possession of machine guns in other limited circumstances such as prohibiting the possession of machine guns by minors. Five states—Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and New Mexico—do not have any state-level regulations of machine guns.

How many guns can you own in Texas?

You Can (Technically) Possess an Unlimited Number of Guns at Any Age. There’s no minimum age to possess firearms in Texas, nor are there any gun ownership limitations specific to age.

Can I carry a gun in my backpack Texas?

You can carry concealed in a beach bag, backpack, and yes, even in your swim trunks. Be careful with open carry because the handgun will need to be in a belt or shoulder holster.

Can you drink while carrying a concealed weapon in Texas?

According to Texas concealed carry laws, you might be able to have a drink while carrying a concealed weapon in Texas, but you certainly can’t be “intoxicated.” If you’re at all impaired — and this includes drugs — or if you’re above the legal alcohol limit, it is considered illegal to carry a firearm (even if you are …

Can my wife carry my gun Texas?

Carrying a firearm is legal in the state of Texas as long as you meet all requirements. This can include your spouse’s gun.

Can you carry a gun in a liquor store in Texas?

Open carry rules:

One big exception to open carry is any establishment with a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission permit. … The longer answer includes several exemptions, like allowing police officers and Concealed Handgun License holders to have their firearms in grocery stores or restaurants that serve alcohol.

Is pocket carry legal?

Yes. Anything completely covering your firearm is concealed carry. This includes but is not limited to: pockets, purses, backpacks, briefcases, camelbaks, IWB holsters with butt of firearm covered by t-shirt, ankle holster covered by pant leg, or even shoulder holster covered with a jacket.

Does your gun have to be in a holster?

Regardless of whether you carrying open or concealed, you should always use a holster to secure the gun. No matter what type of gun you own, safety should be your top priority, and a good holster can help you carry your weapon safely.

How long does it take to get your LTC in Texas 2020?


The State of Texas has up to 8 weeks from the time they receive ALL DOCUMENTS to process your License to Carry. If it has been over 8 weeks, you can make an online inquiry by clicking here: https://txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/ltc/ and selecting “Returning User”.