How far did the Hatfields and McCoys live apart?

Devil Anse Hatfield and Randolph McCoy are buried 55 miles apart, at each end of the serpentine Hatfield-McCoy Feudin’ Trail. In-between are the spots where people were hanged, shot, stabbed, beaten, and burned; most are flagged with helpful historical markers.

How much land do the Hatfields own?

However, if we look at the deed book grantee indexes for Logan County, for the time period 1865-1892, we can roughly figure that Devil Anse and the Hatfield family owned or controlled approximately 17,600 acres, or nearly 28 square miles of land.

Where is Devil Anse Hatfield House?

Also get your bearings at the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce (about 20 miles from Matewan). It’s housed inside the Coal House, a black building in Williamson, W.V., built out of West Virginia coal. Inside, you’ll find an original legal summons once issued against Devil Anse Hatfield.

Are there any Hatfields or McCoys left?

The more than a century-old family feud that some say started over a pig, officially ended Saturday. The actual fighting between the Hatfields and McCoys has been long over. But representatives from both families decided to sign a truce.

What town did the Hatfields live in?

The families lived on opposite sides of a border stream, the Tug Fork—the McCoys in Pike county, Kentucky, and the Hatfields in Logan county (or Mingo county, formed from a portion of Logan county in 1895), West Virginia.

How much land did the McCoys own?

Sally inherited land from her father a few years after they married. They settled on this 300-acre spread in Pike County, Kentucky, where they had 16 children together.

Are there any living relatives of the Hatfields and McCoys?

Ron McCoy and Reo Hatfield are both descendants of the famous feuding Hatfields and McCoys. They will be among descendants visiting Pikeville next week for Hatfield and McCoy Heritage Days.

Was Robert E Lee a Hatfield?

Son of William Anderson ‘Devil Anse’ Hatfield and Levisa ‘Levicy’ Chafin-Hatfield.

Robert Edward Lee “Bob” Hatfield.
Birth Sep 1866 West Virginia, USA
Death Mar 1931 (aged 64) USA
Burial Hatfield Family Cemetery Sarah Ann, Logan County, West Virginia, USA
Memorial ID 20822405 · View Source

What was wrong with cotton top Hatfield?

On February 18, 1890, Ellison “Cotton Top” Mounts was hanged in Pikeville, Kentucky, for his role in the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. … It’s believed that Mounts was involved in the worst atrocity of the feud, which occurred on New Year’s Day 1888.

Who was Devil Anse Hatfield parents?

Devil Anse Hatfield/Parents

Where is Hatfield Cemetery?

Hatfield Cemetery is a historic cemetery located near Sarah Ann, Logan County, West Virginia. The earliest burial dates to 1898, and is the grave of Captain S. Hatfield. The cemetery features the grave and monument with a life-size statue of Captain Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield, erected in 1926.


How many Hatfields and McCoys were killed?

But by the time all was said and done, at least 13 Hatfields and McCoys had died—all over a pig, it seems. Still, some historians believe that the hog was just a scapegoat. The real source of the ire, they say, was the Hatfields’ Confederate leanings. (The McCoys considered themselves Unionists.)

Did Johnse Hatfield and Nancy McCoy have children?

Nancy left Johnse after he continued to have affairs with other women and took up with Frank Phillips soon after the Battle of Grapevine Creek, where he had earned a reputation as a hero to the McCoy cause. The two had a child together and married in 1895.

Where is Devil Anse buried?

Who was cotton top Hatfield mother?

Illegitimate son of Ellison Hatfield and Harriet Hatfield, 1st cousins.

Who did Perry Cline marry?

In 1868, Perry married Martha Adkins and she moved into the Cline Homestead. They would have eight (8) children to live to maturity: John S. (b.

What caused the feud between Hatfields and McCoys?

The feud started over a dispute of ownership of two razor-backed hogs and later escalated with Hatfield’s interest in Rose Anna McCoy, Ole Ran’l McCoy’s daughter.

How old was Roseanna McCoy when she fell in love?

The romance between Johnse and Roseanna took hold amid the festival-like atmosphere of election-day. The eighteen-year-old Johnse and twenty-one-year-old Roseanna had cultivated a bond that prompted Roseanna to leave the election-day excitement with Johnse, leaving the McCoy clan behind.

Did Anse Hatfield desert the Confederate army?

Early in 1864, dozens of soldiers, including Hatfield, deserted the Confederate unit for unknown reasons. Some sources maintain the desertions occurred because the 45th Battalion had been ordered to move out of the area and the men were not willing to leave their homes unprotected from bushwhackers.

Who did Roseanna McCoy marry?

Roseanna McCoy married Johnson {Johnse} Hatfield and had 2 children. She passed away on 1889 in Pikeville, Pike, Kentucky, United States.

Where is Perry Cline buried?

Perry A. Cline
Birth 5 Jan 1849 Mingo County, West Virginia, USA
Death 19 Mar 1891 (aged 42)
Burial Cline Cemetery Pikeville, Pike County, Kentucky, USA Show Map
Memorial ID 62643552 · View Source