How do you get pups in WolfQuest Lost River?

Can you have puppies on the lost river map? No, pups are currently exclusive to the main campaign. Lost River is not an episode and it is deemed an unsafe location that is not ideal for a pack looking to rear its offspring.

How do you find a den in WolfQuest?

There are three ways to find dens:
  1. By sight, looking for snow/dirt mounds and nooks under tree roots or rocks.
  2. Follow the den icon on your compass (see below)
  3. Use scent view. Dens emit scents (floating den icon) which float downwind like other scents, so you can track these back to the source to find the den.

Where are all the dens in WolfQuest anniversary?

There are officially four dens:
  • Bison Peak Cutoff.
  • East Creek.
  • Aspen Heights.
  • Saddle Meadows.

How do you get a white wolf pup in WolfQuest?

In WolfQuest: Classic, this puppy-only coat is a reward unlocked when a player’s wolf has earned 15,000 experience points.

How do you get to Slough Creek in WolfQuest?

Once you have a mate (and have purchased the full game), you can go to Slough Creek and raise pups! You must find a mate in Amethyst Mountain and also have purchased the full version to be able to progress to the next episode.

How do you get the Wolf Quest Anniversary Edition?

Get the game from WolfQuest (on

If you previously purchased WolfQuest 2.7, on the WolfQuest website or then WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition will be available on your WolfQuest download page. Your email receipt from has the link for that, or you can have that email sent again.

What is a dispersal wolf?

A dispersal wolf is a wolf who has either departed from its birth pack, or is interested in leaving its birth pack when approached by an outsider.

Can you have more than one mate in WolfQuest?

Once you and your mate are bonded, neither can choose another mate. You can choose whether your mate can die in the game (and then you would be able to seek a new one). Unlike some animals, your new mate would happily raise your current pups with you (rather than eliminate them). There are no NPC mates in multiplayer.

Can you have pups in Amethyst Mountain?

Pups (WQ 2.7)

You’ll then see a ‘To Slough Creek’ zone in Amethyst Mountain – this is marked as a star on your compass! … As you progress through the missions in episode 2, you will eventually transition to spring and your pups will be born.

What is a Luna wolf?

A luna wolf is another term for the alpha female in the pack, which is the counterpart of the alpha male and is the main female. … The rest of the group will also provide help and guidance for the luna wolf when she’s enceinte, as they will protect her against enemies and her pups when she is enceinte.

Can a wolf survive without a pack?

Even if lone wolves track down mates, the odds are against them. Without the support of the pack, they’re more likely to die. But just because a wolf leaves its home doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. If a lone wolf can’t succeed on its own, it may eventually return to its natal pack.

Do female wolves disperse?

The study described dispersal behavior as “innate in sexually mature wolves.” It found that male wolves were somewhat more likely to disperse, but female dispersers were more likely to reproduce. The mean age of dispersing wolves was 32 months.

What is a werewolf omega?

An omega wolf can be either male or female and is the scapegoat, the lowest ranking member of the pack. The omega lives on the outskirts of the pack, usually eating last. The omega serves as both a stress-reliever and instigator of play. … These wolves are called dispersers.

What is a Ultima wolf?

Like regular werewolves, the ultima has a human-like form and one with their ears and tail exposed. However, ultimas can turn more wolf-like in appearance. … The most feral form of an ultima resembles a giant wolf with no signs of human features or even the ability to talk. Their eyes are also always red.

Can a female wolf be the alpha?

Pack sizes range from three to twenty wolves. A wolf pack has a definite social structure and rules of conduct. The pack leaders are the alpha male and female. … The alpha male and female are the only wolves that breed and produce pups in the pack, and they also get to eat first at kills.

What is a Zeta werewolf?

Zeta Werewolves, they are a variant of Beta Werewolves – Intelligent Betas, they specialize in Strategy and Coordination. … The Zeta Werewolves, as described in Kate Argent’s Hunting Diary, are “Intelligent Beta Werewolves” that are an Alpha’s “left hand” and specialize in both Strategy and Pack Coordination.

What color eyes do Omegas have?

An Alpha’s eyes glow red. Yellow is the most common eye color among Betas and Omegas. Some Betas and Omegas have blue eyes. This color difference is an indication that they have taken an innocent life.

What is higher than an alpha?

These terms are taken from the Greek alphabet, alpha being the first letter, beta, gamma and delta the second, third and fourth, and omega the last – hence the figurative extensions of alpha and omega as references to the most and least important members of a hierarchy.

What is a Sigma in a wolf pack?

Sigma (1-2) – The Sigma are the Tutors of the pack. They know much about each thing. They often work with the Phi in order to teach the pups as well as the subordinates and others who might need a bit more knowledge within the pack. ( Tutors)

What is a Kappa in a wolf pack?

The Kappa are the lead Hunters in the pack. They usually run the hunts when the Alphas or Betas (when substituting) tell them to. Overall, they keep the pack well fed and on a stable diet.

Whats a gamma in a wolf pack?

Edit. Gamma wolves are the wolves under the betas, they act like leaders during fights and are strong and fast when in battle. Gamma wolves have grey eyes and they have longer claws then other werewolves.

What is a lone wolf called?

These “lone wolves” are actually called “Dispersers.” They play an important role for wolves as a whole: they’re the ones who keep wolves healthy by bringing new genes into the mix with different family groups. They also bring the wolf population into new areas.

What is a female wolf called?

A female wolf is either called a She-wolf or a luna wolf, depending on the status of the female in the pack. The term “she-wolf” is sometimes used for female members of the pack.