Who has seen Dajjal?

Tamim bin Aws ad-Dari
Tamim bin Aws ad-Dari (Arabic: تميم بن أوس الداري) (died 661) was a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and an early convert from Christianity to Islam. In Islamic eschatology, he is known for encountering the Dajjal during one of his journeys.

How many eyes Dajjal have?

In the Hadith, an Islamic holy book said to contain the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, Dajjal is described as having curly hair, one eye, and the word “kafir” – unbeliever – on his forehead.

What does the Dajjal look like?

There he is described as a plump, one-eyed man with a ruddy face and curling hair and the Arabic letters k-f-r (“unbelief”) on his forehead. Al-Dajjāl will appear during a period of great tribulation; he will be followed by the Jews and will claim to be God in Jerusalem.

When was Dajjal born?

Saf ibn Sayyad
Born 7th Century AD Al Medina Region, Arabian Peninsula (now Saudi Arabia)
Disappeared August 683 Harrat Waqim, Medina, Hejaz, Umayyad Caliphate (now Saudi Arabia)
Other names Abdullah ibn Sa’id
Known for Claimant of Prophethood Being a disguised allusion of Ad-Dajjal

How many years will Islam last?

In more than 15 Ahadith found in the Sahih of Imam Bukhari, Sunnan of Imam Abu Dawwud, Jamii of Imam Tirmidhi and others, the prophet (saws) said Islam has a specific lifespan on earth, these Ahadith state Allah gave Islam 1500 years then relatively soon after this He would establish the Hour, we are now in the year …

Where is Dajjal born?

According to a tradition “Al-Dajjal will verily be given birth by his mother in Qous in Egypt, and there will be thirty years separating between his birth and appearance.

What is the highest level of heaven?

The Paradise is described as surrounded by eight principal gates, each level generally being divided into a hundred degrees guarded by angels (in some traditions Ridwan). The highest level is known as firdaws (sometimes called Eden) or Illiyin.

Where is Wall of Yajuj Majuj?

Some also say that the wall is not imaginary but real, and it is found to be in Siberia. Others say the Himalayas might be the correct Yajuj Majuj wall location. Some suggest that they live in the northern areas of Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.

Who will come first Imam Mahdi or Dajjal?

The Mahdi is believed to be the 12th Imam, Hujjat-Allah al-Mahdi. They believe that the 12th Imam will return from the occultation as the Mahdi with “a company of his chosen ones”, and his enemies will be led by the Dajjal and the Sufyani.

Is Imam Mahdi born?

Samarra is a city in central Iraq, which served as the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate from 836 to 892.


Is Imam Mahdi still alive?

Will Yajuj Majuj come before Dajjal?

Ya’jooj Ma’jooj will emerge during the reign of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) i.e. after the death of Imam Mahdi. Maseeh Dajjal is first, Yajuj maajuj is coming after Maseeh Dajjal, it will be the period of hazrat is a (as) when the yajuj and maajuj will come forward.

How many Yajuj and Majuj are there?

Yajuj and Majuj is not only 2 they are millions . Gog and magog- the area in between the black sea and caspian sea(see first pic) … Zulqarnain built a bareer with iron to stop gog and magog, these are the mountains full of iron(see second pic, area is circled)…

Do Sunnis believe in Mahdi?

The concept of the Mahdi is a central tenet of Shi’a theology, but many Sunni Muslims also believe in the coming of a Mahdi, or rightly guided one, at the end of time to spread justice and peace. He will also be called Muhammad and be a descendant of the Prophet in the line of his daughter Fatima (Ali’s wife).

What are the minor signs that are left?

According to Minor Signs , here are the minor signs that have not yet happened:
  • The return of the land of the Arabs to being pastures and rivers.
  • Increase in rain but decrease in agriculture.
  • The revealing of a mountain of gold by the Euphrates river.
  • The talking of wild animals and inanimate objects to people.

Is music is haram in Islam?

The Qur’an, the first source of legal authority for Muslims, contains no direct references to music. … Music that leads to drinking or licentious behavior is considered illegitimate.