Who was the youngest military pilot?

Brigadier General Antonio Maldonado (born 1941) was an officer of the United States Air Force, who in 1967 became the youngest pilot and Aircraft Commander of a B-52 Stratofortress nuclear bomber.
Antonio Maldonado
Nickname(s) “Tony”
Born 1941 (age 80–81) Comerio, Puerto Rico
Allegiance United States of America

How old was the average ww2 pilot?

They were often very young, too: the average age of an RAF fighter pilot in 1940 was just 20 years. Of those killed, the average age was 22.

Who was the deadliest pilot in ww2?

Erich Hartmann
While serving in Germany’s Luftwaffe in World War II, Erich Hartmann flew more than 1,400 missions in the Messerschmitt Bf 109, enabling him to score an astonishing 352 kills. How did Hartmann get so good at dominating the skies over the Eastern Front?

Who is the most famous ww2 pilot?

Top Image: Major Richard Bong courtesy of the US Air Force. Known as the “Ace of Aces” for his rank as the top American flying ace during World War II, Major Richard Ira Bong is credited with the downing of an impressive confirmed total of 40 enemy aircraft over the course of his career as a fighter pilot.

What was the average age of a B 17 pilot?

The average age of the crew of a B-17 was less than 25, with four officers and six enlisted Airmen manning the aircraft. Their chance of survival was less than 50 percent.

How many of the few are still alive?

As six of the seven longest surviving veterans of the battle (Squadron Leader John Hart, Flight Lieutenant Archie McInnes, Flight Lieutenant Maurice Mounsdon, Air Vice-Marshal John Thornett Lawrence, Wing Commander Paul Farnes and Flight Lieutenant William Clark) died between June 2019 and May 2020 as of 8 May 2020, …

Which plane shot down the most planes in ww2?

The P-51 Mustang claimed the most Allied kills with no fewer than 281 pilots earning the “Aces” (5 kills) distinction in a Mustang. It was the greatest fighter of the war.

Was Erich Hartmann ever shot down?

During the course of his career, Hartmann was forced to crash-land his fighter 16 times due either to mechanical failure or damage received from parts of enemy aircraft he had shot down; he was never shot down by direct enemy action.

Who is the first male pilot?

However, he missed the deadline by one day and the prize was awarded to pilot Aspy Engineer.

Man Mohan Singh (pilot)
Man Mohan Singh
Nickname(s) “Chacha Man Mohan Singh”
Born 1905/6 Rawalpindi, British India
Died 3 March 1942 Broome, Western Australia
Allegiance British Indian Air Force

What pilot has the most kills?

Erich Hartmann
Erich Hartmann, with 352 official kills the highest scoring fighter pilot of all times.

Who was the first woman pilot?

Harriet Quimby
In 1911, Harriet Quimby became the first woman in the United States to earn a pilot’s license – just eight years after the Wright brothers’ first flight.

Who is the first lady pilot?

Sarla Thukral (8 August 1914 – 15 March 2008) was the first Indian woman to fly an aircraft. Born in 1914, she earned an aviation pilot license in 1936 at the age of 21 and flew a Gypsy Moth solo.
Sarla Thukral
Born 8 August 1914 New Delhi, British India
Died 15 March 2008 (aged 93)
Spouse(s) P. D. Sharma , R.P Thakral

Who first flew?

Wright brothers
The Wright brothers
Orville (left) and Wilbur Wright in 1905
Nationality American
Other names Will and Orv The Bishop’s boys
Known for Inventing, building, and flying the world’s first successful motor-operated airplane, the Wright Flyer

What do you call a female pilot?

Women pilots were also called “aviatrices”. … Women who have been successful in various aviation fields have served as mentors to younger women, helping them along in their careers. Within the first two decades of powered flight, female pilots were breaking speed, endurance and altitude records.

What is a Janet flight?

Janet, sometimes called Janet Airlines, is the unofficial name given to a highly classified fleet of passenger aircraft operated for the United States Department of the Air Force as an employee shuttle to transport military and contractor employees.