What do hedgehogs do before they die?

Some of the most obvious signs are inactivity, lethargy, and loss of appetite. However, even if one or more of these signs occur, that doesn’t mean the hedgehog is passing away soon. Sometimes the little pet is just sick or is having a stressful time.

What causes hedgehogs to die?

Hedgehogs can die of several reasons including old age, tumors, infections, cancers, injuries, dehydration, and not eating for a long time. There is a lot more to know to keep your hedgehog safe and healthy.

Can hedgehogs die from stress?

Hopefully you now have the hedgehog somewhere safe, warm and quiet. … Firstly I need to stress this – hedgehogs are NOT a project for your children. These animals look hardy but can easily die from stress. Handling must be kept to a minimum, they cannot be taken to school and they are not entertainment for friends.

How do you comfort a dying hedgehog?

How To Comfort A Dying Hedgehog
  1. Take him into a dark room and let your hedgehog alone. …
  2. Make sure he stays hydrated. …
  3. Antibiotics often lower the pain.
  4. If he is not eating anymore, you can use a syringe to feed him canned cat food. …
  5. You can raise the temperature slightly.

What do you do with a deceased hedgehog?

What to Do with a deceased Hedgehog.
  1. Bury it on your own property.
  2. Contact the local vet, who may be able to get it cremated for you.

Do hedgehogs fight to the death?

Hedgehogs are meat-eaters, and they will eat baby birds and other small animals. But as yet there is no evidence as to whether they attack and eliminate these animals or simple eat carrion – creatures that are already deceased.

How do you calm down a stressed hedgehog?

Why are hedgehogs dying in my garden?

The proposed causes are many: changes to farming, and the move from pasture to arable in particular; application of pesticides, both on farms and gardens, with insecticides widely thought to both poison hedgehogs and eliminate their food; roads through collision with vehicles, roads restricting movement/recolonisation, and …

Should I report a deceased hedgehog?

How do I report death or illness in garden wildlife? To report death or illness in garden birds, amphibians, reptiles and hedgehogs visit the Garden Wildlife Health website or call 0207 449 6685 (phones open during office hours, Monday-Friday only).

Are hedgehogs hibernating now?

Typically, hedgehogs hibernate from late December / early January until late March time. However, this is very dependent on the weather and the individual hedgehog, as some will hibernate earlier or later and some not at all!

What to do if you find a deceased hedgehog UK?

To report any deceased or ill hedgehogs in your garden visit the Garden Wildlife Health website here: You can also let the wildlife vets at ZSL know if you have a deceased hedgehog and they can send you all the necessary equipment to post it to them at no cost! Results and any advice will be relayed to the submitter.

What do I do if my hedgehog is hibernating?

What can you give a dehydrated hedgehog?

Dehydrated hedgehogs absolutely need rehydration fluids 2 and need them immediately. If the hog is cold it must be warmed up before these can be administered. If the hog is responsive you can give oral rehydration warmed to body temperature, otherwise it will need subcutaneous 3 fluids.

How long does it take for a hedgehog to go into hibernation?

Their heart rate and breathing also become very slow and their body temperature decreases dramatically. An animal in this state is said to be in torpor – rather than asleep. Wild hedgehogs in colder climates often hibernate for around 6 months, though this is decreasing as the global climate warms.

How long does a hedgehog live?

Erinaceus is a genus of hedgehog from the family of Erinaceidae. There are four main species of Erinaceus. The range is all across Europe, throughout the Middle East, parts of Russia, and extending to northern China and Korea. The European hedgehog has been introduced to New Zealand.


How do you nurse a hedgehog back to health?

Use gardening gloves or a towel to handle the hedgehog, then take it inside in a box and place a well-wrapped hot water bottle underneath it. Fill the bottle with hot tap water (not boiling) – you should be able to hold your hand comfortably on the bottle when wrapped.

What can you give a sick hedgehog?

Keep the box in a quiet, warm place: a hot water bottle filled with hot tap water wrapped in a towel can provide a gentle heat source – make sure it doesn’t go cold! You can provide some fresh water and meaty cat or dog food, but don’t try to feed the hedgehog directly.

Can hedgehogs get hypothermia?

Hypothermia (dangerously low body temperature) is the major cause of death for struggling wildlife and hedgehogs are very vulnerable. Hypothermic hedgehogs will be sluggish and unlikely to curl up. They will also usually feel cold to the touch, but not always, so do not rely on this as an indicator.

How do you know if a hedgehog is dehydrated?

Does its skin spring back when you pull up a couple of spines? If the skin appears to stay in place, the hedgehog could be dehydrated. Ensure the hedgehog has access to plenty of water if you suspect dehydration.

Why would a hedgehog come out in the day?


If there’s a skinny hedgehog found in your garden, then it might be that they’ve struggled to eat enough in order to help them hibernate. In that case, they’re on the search for food and that often means going out in the daytime too. If this is the case, then you should weigh the hedgehog if you can.