Do they still sell MarkTen?

The MarkTen line was discontinued in 2018 and they are no longer available for sale anywhere.

What is the MarkTen XL?

E-cigarette. Product is rechargeable and ready to use out of the box. The MarkTen XL Express Kit Full On Vapor is available in two flavor varieties: Classic, 2.5% NBW featuring a smooth blend of tobacco flavors with a mellow finish, and Menthol, 3.5% NBW featuring a crisp and cool blend for a true menthol taste.

How do you know when Mark Ten is charged?

You’ll know it needs charging when the LED tip blinks repeatedly. To recharge your MarkTen®XL battery, only use the MarkTen®XL USB charger. When your battery is fully charged, the LED tip on your battery will turn off.