When you have an account, you obviously want to share it with your family, if not friends.

There must be a way to allow your kids to watch things they like and add accounts to YouTube TVBesides, YouTube TV is trying to fill in some gaps with their serviceHere are 5 things to follow when adding accounts on your favorite TV memberships.

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Using Groups Feature

If you Google this request then you will find something called “Family Group” and this feature allows you to share and add accounts on YouTube TV. Here is an official video tutorial for the same.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to have purchased your YouTube TV membership and then think about anything else.
  • They allow up to 5 people to use the same membership and this can be done with the group feature.
  • This also allows other stuff like building your personal album and content, and this is personal to you.
  • Meaning, despite you have the same membership, each account is individual and your watching history and albums are all private to you.

Additional Google Service Benefits

When you are creating an account with YouTube TV membership, paying for it and then you wish to share the same with a group, then you also give additional benefits to the same group

  • The same group has also access to Google Services with the group.
  • You can learn more about how “Family Group” works here – https://support.google.com/families#topic=7327495/.
  • This is very essential to the people you wish to share the services and confidential.
  • You can manage and make settings as necessary.

Enabling “Family Group” Sharing Feature

The $35 subscription to your YouTube TV can be shared just like the Amazon Prime membership. This helps you give access and share the same membership with your family. In this case, YouTube TV can be used by up to 5 people, without additional cost.

  • It means, with an additional fee, you can avail of a number of accounts to add to your YouTube TV.
  • For free, you get up to 5 additional accounts that can be added to YouTube TV, each has individual properties.
  • You have to go to your account and login with the credentials. Here is the link to go.
  • Under the “Accounts” section, you shall find the “Set Up” and then “Family Sharing Settings” which will help you with all you need.

Inviting People to Join the Membership

YouTube TV offers a desktop web app and mobile app like others and you can enjoy the TV plan based on your subscription. It competes with likes of Sling TV. This is basically an internet version of cable TV subscription.

  • If you want to join and add accounts to your purchased YouTube TV subscription, you need to first have the Google accounts.
  • That is, they must have an email ID from Google, something like @gmail.com, and this gets them a Google account.
  • Now, you can invite them from under the invite section from the previous step. All you need is their email address or the phone number attached to the same, and then they are sent an invite link.
  • When you hit “Send” after entering the email or phone number, they and you, both get notification by email and when they join you get notified.

Cracking Down on Out-of-Home Locations

Supposedly you have given this account to people who are not in the same location, say your city is not considered as family members. This could mean people from different countries are accessing the same membership, which is not right.

  • In such cases, even if you create the “Family Group”, they are automatically logged out and blocked.
  • This is implemented for security reasons as having family members across the world is not so likely.
  • Besides, there is a limit on the number of devices you can use YouTube TV on. Using the same account, you can log in through three devices at the same time. This is not the limitation on a group, but each individual accounts added to a group.


  • Creating a family group makes you the family manager, and you have all the settings and controls and whom you can add.
  • You can watch YouTube TV on desktop and mobile, and this will count as two of three devices that you can access with your account from.

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