What does the P stand for in IPDE?

We use the IPDE (Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute) approach to driving to deal with potential and real hazards.

What does each letter of the IPDE process mean?

I – Identify. P – Predict. D – Decide. E – Execute. You just studied 21 terms!

What is the IPDE process quizlet?

IPDE Process. Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute.

What is step three in the IPDE process?

The third step in the IPDE method is to DECIDE what driver action you will implement (accelerate, steer, decelerate, or any combination of these vehicle control maneuvers) to avoid a crash with a real (or potential) hazard.

What are the four steps in the IPDE process *?

The four steps of the IPDE process are:
  1. I—Identify—Locate potential hazards within the driving scene.
  2. P—Predict—Judge where the possible points of conflict may occur.
  3. D—Decide—Determine what action to take, when, and where to take it.
  4. E—Execute—Act by maneuvering the car to avoid conflicts.

When you use the predict step in the IPDE process you?

When you use the predict step in the IPDE process, you judge where possible points of conflict may occur.

What type of skill is used when you execute during the IPDE process?

The “execute” step in IPDE process involves what type of skill used in driving. Physical skills used in driving. most important actions you will need to execute are control speed, steer, communicate. What must you have to predict actions in others?

How does using the IPDE process help you become a low risk driver?

IDPE helps you be a low-risk driver because it makes you think smart and decide on the best way possible to drive. 6 zones, constantly check these, quickly identify closed zones. They keep you looking around your vehicle and keeps you aware of your surroundings. see the situation you are in and what is around you.

When you use the predict step in the IPDE process you quizlet?

When you are predicting in the IPDE Process, use knowledge, judgment, and experience to predict what? You predict where possible points of conflict could occur. When you decide in the IPDE Process, your decision will probably be one of three.

How should you use the predict step of the IPDE process while driving on city streets?

How should you use the predict step of the IPDE Process while driving on city streets? Be prepared to predict possible points of conflict earlier. What is a Space Cushion? The distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead.

When you judge where a possible conflict might occur What IPDE step are you using?

When a driver foresees where points of conflict can develop in a driving situation they are using the predicting step of the IPDE process.

What factors can cause the IPDE process to take more time?

The IPDE Process is a mental task that is continually active while we are driving. It takes time to identify, predict, decide, and execute correctly and safely. Complex traffic situations and the feelings and physical condition of the driver can cause the IPDE Process to take more time.

When turning your last check is?

When turning, your last check is in the direction of your intended path of travel. A delayed green light means one side of an intersection has a green light. Yielding the right of way means letting other go first. When an emergency vehicle sounds its sirens or uses flashing light, you must yield the right of way.

What is it called when you accelerate and steer at the same time?

what is happening in your zones, what could happen, and how the change could affect you are involved in. predicting in the IPDE process. when you accelerate and steer at the same time, you are. executing a combination of actions.

How does the speed impact the IPDE process?

How does increased speed affect the time available to complete the IPDE Process? it decreases the time available. … When driving through a curve at normal speed, accelerate gently after entering the curve.

What is the relationship between the IPDE process and the zone control system and the Smith System?

The IPDE Process, along with the Smith System and Zone Control System, can enable you to enjoy low-risk and low-stress driving. Execute your decisions to control speed steer communicate combine actions Page 4 DRIVE RIGHT THE SMITH SYSTEM Years ago, Harold L. Smith introduced a system for safe driving.

What does commentary driving mean and how will it help you in the learning process of the driving task?

Since commentary driving involves speaking out loud while driving, parents should model it for teens well before they allow the teen behind the wheel of the vehicle. … One purpose of commentary driving is to focus the driver’s attention on her or his thoughts, which in turn helps to maintain a high level of alertness.

What does commentary driving mean?

Commentary Drive is a proven method for developing defensive driving habits that helps prevent accidents. The methodology entails understanding critical defensive driving skills and then consciously thinking about them and acting upon them as you drive.