Snapchat is a messaging application, where you can also share photos and videos with other Snapchat users. You can easily find girls on Snapchat with the following steps.

Create a Connection

First of all, make sure you have a Snapchat – account. If not, create an account. Without having an account, you cannot chat with girls or find girls on Snapchat.

  • Open ‘Snapchat’ and click ‘Add Friends’.
  • You can either add a girl randomly or find a girl in your mutual friends’ friends list.
  • If you find a girl, add her. Make sure you do not follow the same girls on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more. If you do, it will create a bad impression about you.
  • You can send your casual photos after a few days of adding her rather than sending her immediately after adding. Maintain some distance and start slowly.
  • If she is responding to your snaps, keep sending a few days and check her responses to your photos like what kind of response she is giving.
  • Do not forget to say thanks for every compliment you receive.

Continue the Conversation

You have to continue the conversation by talking something to her daily. Something does not mean that you can talk about rubbish. Start a decent conversation that can take your relationship to the next level.

  • Start talking about the things that you both are interested such as arts, music, books, and more.
  • You can send your snaps and explain to her when the snap was taken and what for. You can tell a story with your snaps. This can make your conversation more interesting.
  • Do not forget to comment on her snaps, stories and whatever she posts. Also, you can start asking some causal questions regarding her snaps and develop your communication.
  • You should seek for some chances to create or develop your conversation.

Use Snapchat Features

You can use Snapchat features to create funny snaps of you and make her smile or laugh out loud. These simple things will develop your conversation.

  • You can use filters and various features to create artistic or comedic snaps of you. Snapchat regularly updates new filters. Use those and whatever available to you.
  • Also, do not disturb her by sending regular snaps and videos. You need to respect her boundaries and limits.
  • No matter what you do, but make sure you stay in your limits. You can add innovative additions to her pic, make it wonderful, and send her back. She will be impressed.


  • You can find many girls on Snapchat. Make sure you chat with one girl at a time.
  • If any girl knows that you are chatting with multiple girls at a time, they do not develop good thoughts about you.

If need be, you can use voice filters too to make some unique videos or photo collages.