It is well known that Libra women are considered to be the most beautiful zodiac signs and worth breath-taking. It is not easy to know if a Libra woman likes you or not because she will only drop subtle hints about who she is interest in. When a Libra woman is interested in you, she will drop the following hints:

  1. They will Pay Attention to Her Dressing Sense

When a Libra woman is interest in you, she will pay attention to all things and details that takes to impress someone.

  • Remember that she will drop visible hints to let you know that she might have an eye on you. She will dress up around you and make sure she looks absolutely stunning when she is with you.
  • She will wear clothes that make her stand out from every other woman in your life, just so you pay attention to how beautifully you both can complement each other.
  • She will be dressed well as per the occasion and you will see it in her efforts.
  1. She Can’t Stop Smiling Around You

A female Libran will not be able to control her smile or bush whenever she is around someone she likes.

  • A Libra woman will find it extremely hard to not smile around you, and that’s quite a visible evidence of how she feels for you.
  • You obviously know that the eyes don’t lie.
  • She might be shy, but it is only because she is trying to hide how she really feels.
  1. She will Let You Inside Her World

A Libra woman is very personal about her life and never lets anyone break the wall into her world.

  • If Libra woman is interest in you, she will let you know her secrets and deepest desires.
  • She will ask you about how you feel about certain situations in her life and what you would have done at her place.
  • She will never ever force her personal issues on you till a point you will not be able to handle her emotional mess.
  1. She will be Protective of You

A Libra woman will be protective of you in a lot of ways when she is interest in you.

  • She will always treat you with respect and never treat you in a way not desired.
  • If ever someone hurts you, she will be there to listen and guide you through the pain.
  • She will let you have things your own way but she will ways be protective of the fact that nothing goes too wrong for you to not be able to deal with it.
  1. She will Keep a Check on You

A Libra woman will keep a check on you and will be updated about how your day or life is treating you.

  • She will tell you about every significant detail of her day and ask you about yours.
  • She will remember your daily routine and how you go about your day.
  • She will be there for you at the end of every good day and a bad day.
  1. She Starts Praising You

Women love to be complimented like anything. In case of a Libra woman who is interest in you, she will make sure that she gives you compliments and praises you time to time.

  • She will compliment your appearance and habits that she likes.
  • She will never let you feel unattractive or beneath her in terms of how you look and how you present yourself.
  • She might as well start flirting in order to drop concrete hints about liking you.
  1. She will Want You with Her More than the Way it was When You were Friends

When a Libra woman is interest in you, she will want to spend more and more time with you.

  • She will start to make plans to meet you and spend time with you.
  • If you divide your attention between her and someone else, she will be immensely jealous but will act too to hide it. Although, it will be visible on her face.
  • If at all you cancel a plan you will see her very upset about it. More than a normal person usually is.
  1. She will be Proud to be Seen with You

When a Libra woman is interest in you, she will show you off like a diamond. She will introduce you to all the important people in her life.

  • She will take you as her partner in parties and make you meet her friends.
  • She will not let anyone else’s opinion change what she feels for you.
  • She will introduce you to her family.
  1. She will Start Surprising You

Girls love to surprise their man. It’s another style of being romantic as per them when a Libra woman is interest in you.

  • She will try to show up and meet you unexpectedly.
  • She will start giving you gifts occasionally to make you feel loved and appreciated in her life. You will notice that the gifts will always be something of your liking.
  • She will take you out on dates and start pampering you. This turns out to be the biggest signal of all.
  1. She will Start to Directly Tell You How She Feels

After a point of time, everyone wants to stop dragging the wooing part and actually be with the person they admire.

  • She will start to ask questions about how you think of her and what’s he does and how you would like her to act in certain situations.
  • She will start to tell you how you are an important part of your life and how she is glad to have you.
  • She will start getting upset when she feels like you do not reciprocate the same; she will start to act a little distant.
  1. She will Start to Feel Comfortable

In initial parts of your courtship, she will away put up her best personality in front of you.

  • She will stop dressing too well always and she will actually want you to accept her for who she can be at her worst.
  • She will tell you of her opinions about in situations where you are conflicted about your best interest.
  • Her efforts in your relationship with her would be subtle and significant now. She will obviously put efforts in the relationship but she would not compete with your efforts.
  1. She will Not Let Your Past Relationships Interfere with Her Present Equation with You

She will not like it if you carry the baggage of her past relationships with you.

  • She will not ping you with questions about your ex’s or past relationships.
  • She will make you look at the positive side of love life if questions arise of a past relationship not gone too well.
  • She will expect you to accept her for the love she has for you.
  1. She will Make Sure You are Comfortable with the Thought of Dating Her

A Libra woman will not expect you to date her immediately. She will give you time to accept the thought of being wither and will only show her true feelings if she knows you are interest in her.

  • She will start being your friend.
  • She will then hold a better position in your life and will be more involved after she feels there is a better sense of belongingness.
  • She will ensure you both are a significant part of each other’s world and then only initiate the thought of a relationship.


  • A Libra woman is worth the wait when it comes to dating. She will treat her boyfriend in the best way possible.

A Libra woman, when interest will stick around in good and bad and will never give up on you. She will be there for you even when she has reasons to move on with her interest in you.