PayPal is a popular payment platform and eWallet that enabled payments to a host of websites for numerous services.

As online payments become the new norm, it has become possible to add eWallets to E-commerce websites for easier payments.

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How to Add PayPal to Amazon Account?

You can’t directly add PayPal eWallet – to your Amazon account and use it to pay for any and every purchase that you make through the Amazon website. To circumvent this, you need to add the PayPal card as a payment method to your account.

  • Since Amazon, doesn’t directly accept PayPal as a payment method, you will not be able to pay from your wallet account directly.
  • Luckily, PayPal has the option that you can apply for a business debit card so you should apply for this card first.
  • Once you receive the PayPal business debit card, you can add that as a payment method under the payments option of your account.
  • After adding it as a payment method, you can select it while purchasing an item to pay using your PayPal account.

How to Add PayPal to Amazon Seller Account?

Since Amazon’s strict policies don’t allow you to directly transfer funds to your PayPal account, you will have to create an intermediate account to facilitate this.

  • If you wish to withdraw money made from your sales then you can do it through an account linked both PayPal and Amazon.
  • You need to first Sign-In to your seller account, and then go to ‘Account Info’ and then ‘Seller Account Information’. Here you will find an option called ‘Deposit Method’.
  • You can change your deposit method to add the bank account linked to both Amazon and PayPal by entering the account information.
  • Then click on ‘Verify’. Funds can now be transferred from Amazon to this account.
  • Later you can add your money to PayPal from this account.

How to Add PayPal to Amazon Payments?

You can only add money from Amazon Payments to PayPal or vice-versa only if you have a verified payment method that is linked to both these wallet accounts.

  • First, log in to ‘Amazon Pay’ home page and add the payment method under the Account Info section of the settings tab.
  • Then log into your PayPal account, and then go to ‘My Account’ and then the Profile section to add the same payment method on PayPal.
  • Once this is done, you can move money from ‘Amazon Pay’ to your payment method or account and then to PayPal or vice-versa.


  • PayPal is owned by eBay which is a fierce competitor of Amazon and hence a direct seamless transfer is impossible.
  • Remember that the same account must be added to ‘Amazon Pay’ and PayPal both, you can’t add different accounts if you wish to move funds between the two wallets.

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Make sure that your account is verified and active before moving the funds to avoid any failed transactions.

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