If you want to add someone to Facebook Messenger, we will show you a few different options that you have. All of these methods are very simple and straightforward, so you shouldn’t have much of a problem with them. They can help you connect with your friends and family quickly and easily.

  1. Friends Who Are Already on Facebook

Chatting with friends who are already on Facebook via Messenger is very easy. All you have to do is open up Messenger and tap the “People” button, which is found at the bottom of the screen on the main menu. All of your Facebook friends are going to be listed in alphabetical order. And you have to do is tap the person’s name to start chatting with them.

  1. Adding Non-Facebook Friends to Messenger

If you want to talk with someone on Messenger who is not currently a friend of yours on Facebook, you must follow a few basic steps.

  • First you will need to find your username link by opening up Messenger and tapping your profile picture. When you do this, you will see your username link.
  • Tap the “Share Link” open after tapping your username link. Choose the application that you want to use to share this link.
  • As soon as the other person taps the username link you have sent them, the Messenger app will open with your information. They just need to select “Add on Messenger” to start talking with you.
  1. Adding Contacts in Your Device’s Contacts

You also have the option of adding people you know who are in your device’s contacts list. You can simply sync Messenger with the contact list on your device.

  • Open the Messenger app and tap the “People” button, which is located in the menu below.
  • Tap the “Find Phone Contacts” option.
  • Tap “Sync Contacts”, which will be on a list in a pop-up window that appears after you complete the previous step.
  • If the app finds any new contacts, you can select “Contacts Found” to see who it just added to your Messenger contacts.
  1. Adding People You Meet in-person

There is an easy way to add people on Facebook whom you have met with in person.

  • Open up the Messenger app and tap your profile picture.
  • On the next tab you will see your user code.

Instruct your friend to go to Messenger>People>Scan Code, and then have them hover their phone’s camera over the code to scan it.

Can I add someone to Messenger but not Facebook?

It is testing a new ‘Add Contact’ request feature that allows users to chat with a contact on Messenger by merely adding that contact to the smartphone. This means that users will be able to chat with their contacts through Messenger without being friends on Facebook.

How do you add someone on messenger?

You Know Their Phone Number
  1. From Chats, tap the People icon in the bottom menu.
  2. Tap the Add People icon in the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap the Add button (plus sign).
  4. When prompted, select Enter Phone Number.
  5. Enter their phone number and tap Save.
  6. Tap Add on Messenger to add them.

Can I message someone on messenger if we are not friends?

You can send a message to anyone on Facebook, regardless of friend status or privacy settings. The only exception applies to members you‘ve blocked and those who’ve blocked you. With basic filtering, members typically receive all messages in the main folder of their inbox.

Why can’t I add someone on messenger?

If someone who has reached the limit sends you a friend request, you still won’t be able to add them this way. If you try to accept the request, Facebook will not add them to your friend list or you to theirs. However, you can certainly still message anyone who has 5000 friends or over.

Why is the add friend button missing?

If you don’t see the “Add as Friendbutton, it’s because the person you’re trying to befriend has adjusted her privacy settings to block friend requests (see Chapter 14 for details).

Why is there no add a friend button in Facebook?

Navigate to the menu > settings & privacy > settings > privacy settings > who can send you friend requests > everyone/friends of friends. Hence, if someone changed their privacy setting to “friends of friends”, the “Add Friendbutton will not show unless you’re friends with one of the person’s friends on Facebook.

How do I send a friend request if there is no option?

No, you can’t this occurs may be the user has privacy settings of only friends of friends can send friend request. You can only send friend request to them if you first be friends of one of their friends who don’tt have this privacy setting.

What happens when you send a friend request and the add friend button disappears?

1. You Sent an Unsuccessful Friend Request. Now the Add Friend button doesn’t show up, so you can’t send a new friend request. If your request was deleted, Facebook has blocked you from sending that person another friend request for one whole year.

What does it mean when the add friend button is gray?

“If you’ve tried to add them and they’ve denied the request, Facebook can remove the option for you to be able to add them again by greying out the add friend button. They may have their settings that only people with mutual friends can add them, and if you have none then the button will appear greyed out.”

Can you tell if someone blocked you on Facebook?

You can tell if someone blocked you on Facebook by scrolling your friend list. MacDonald tells us that deactivated accounts’ profiles and profile photos “will still be visible on your friend’s list, although you can‘t click on them anymore. Someone who has blocked you won’t show up at all.”

Will the add friend button come back?

Originally Answered: Does the ‘add friendbutton resets after someone declines you? Yes. Had the same thing happen to me a couple of years back.

Why can’t I add someone on Facebook even though we have mutual friends?

Originally Answered: Why I am unable to add someone on facebook although we have mutual friend? If that person has set their setting to avoid people adding them without permission, you may need to send them a personal message to request friendship.

How can I tell if someone denied my friend request on Facebook?

Look at the gray button next to the person’s name. If the button reads “Friend Request Sent,” the person has not yet accepted or declined your friend request. If the button reads “+1 Add Friend,” the person denied your friendship request.

Why does the Add Friend button Say message?

It means they’ve declined your request, possibly marking it as ”spam” therefore you’ll see the message button yet obviously you weren’t blocked by them if you still see their profile.

Why can’t I see a friend request I sent on Facebook?

If you got a notification saying you received a friend request, but you don’t see it on your Facebook account: The person who sent the friend request may have deleted the request. You may have already denied the friend request.

How do I know if someone deleted my friend request?

Step 4 – Once you open the ‘Sent Requests‘ page, you will be able to see all the people who have not yet accepted your request and if their name doesn’t appear in this list that means they must have deleted your friend request.

What happens if someone deleted my friend request?

They will not be notified that their friend request was declined, but they will be able to send you another friend request in the future. If you take no action on the request they’ve sent you, they will not be able send you another friend request.

What happens when you accidentally send a friend request?

They won’t find the friend request

If a person sees the notification that you sent them a friend request and cancelled the request, they won’t be able to see the request, accept or delete it.