Hunter Industries developers suggest three main sprinkler heads for commercial use and for residential use, the I-20, PGJ, and PGP.

The alteration is similar for all three along with many superior sprinklers which are used for athletic fields and civic use. Every sprinkler consists of an access hole that is present in the rubber cap and it helps in accessing to the arc travel stop, there is another access hole which helps in accessing the nozzle lock.

  1. “Head to Head” Coverage

The first step is to opt for the best nozzle for the purpose of covering head-to-head. Hunter rotors contain a group of nozzles.

  • The size of the nozzle’s opening will adjust the amount of radius the rotor will cover. The rotor father will throw water with a greater force if the hole is bigger.
  • In the charts below, the efficiency of every nozzle is given along with the rotors, and you can also find them in many hunter publications.
  • Every sprinkler has the aim to reach the next sprinkler.
  • It is called as “head-to-head” coverage.
  • There is a requirement of the hunter’s specific rotor tool and also a collection of nozzles so as to dial your sprinklers for getting the optimized area.
  1. Secure the Nozzle

By pressing the nozzle, fit it inside the opening and do it until it is flushed along the rotor body.

  • In order to secure the nozzle, the metal end of the rotor key must be inserted into the arrow which is present on the rubber cap and the set screw must be turned clockwise.
  • Make sure no to screw the set screw very low so that it interferes with the water stream.
  • However, the work will be much easier for you if you use the specialized collar which enables us to hold the rotor body up.
  • It also helps us to keep it from retracting into the housing.
  • Follow the next step
  1. Setting the Direction

Next, you must find the right-hand limit of travel.

  • If you choose to turn it by hand, you will observe that only when you reach the limit in one direction, you will be able to turn it in the other direction.
  • If you further look down at the rotor from behind – the direction of spray will be indicated by the arrow.
  • You will be able to see that you can change the right-hand, however, the left-hand limit can be altered.
  • Now, if you observe that the right-hand limit indicated points towards the edge of your desired coverage, you may skip to Step-5.
  1. Get the Desired Edge   

Until the collar which locks up the rotor body sets free, turn it inside housing counter-clockwise.

  • Next, you must pick up the rotor body until you observe that the gear below gets cleared the two ridges in the housing- approximately one inch until the gear is entirely free of the housing.
  • You should now point the direction of spray arrow towards your desired right-hand edge and then lower the body again into the housing.
  • After that, you may lock the collar.
  1. Turn the Body

Now with the help of hand turn the rotor body counterclockwise so that it should reach its left limit and with the left edge compare its direction of spray.

  • Now we need to turn the body clockwise around the middle of the travel, and then put in the plastic end in the hole of the cap which has two arrows, these are pointing towards a minus and a plus sign.
  • Just turn the key to the minus sign which will enable the left travel closer to the right limit.
  • If you turn the key to the plus sign, it will enable the left travel limit beyond the right limit, in turn, raising the coverage arc.
  • Keep adjusting until you get the desired result.


  • Follow the procedure as stated above.
  • In case of any problem, you can always contact the support team.

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