We cannot say that everyone has a companion to share their happiness, sadness, and everything.

Rather than having a partner, who does not understand you, being alone is betterMost of the people today are aloneI would say that you can be happy even when you are alone.

We are going to discuss the steps of being alone and happy.

  1. Develop your Freedom

Being alone is such a gift. Yes, partners have to depend on each other and adjust their activities and interest for each other, but a loner does not have to do this. The loner can design his routine for freedom and independence.

  • First of all, you should leave the thought that only partners can be happy and a loner cannot. Anyone can be happy. Our thoughts and perceptions are the reasons for what we want to show off ourselves and what we want to become.
  • You need to be less dependent on others for your happiness. You have to find your happiness in you and in the things that you do. Do not wait for others to come and make you laugh out loud.
  • You need to spend some time on the activities that you love and enjoy. Take, for example, if you want to learn any other language or musical instrument, then you can start that. You have so many online tutorials to learn what you want.
  • Do the activities on your own rather than waiting for someone to come and join you.  You should not seek others’ help or company for doing the activities that makes you happy.
  1. Find your Interests

Do not think that being alone is a challenge and only unfortunates will be alone, it is not like that.  Now, you have the freedom to do what you want and you are doing the activities that make you glad. Next is that you need to explore your passion and interest.

  • You need to keep doing the things that can make you passionate about something. You need to complete the things without anyone’s assistance.
  • It would be better if you try to do something that you have never tried in your life to test your interest and involvement. If you could able to do the new things too, then you can reckon to do it.
  • You need to keep yourself busy most of the time. You have so many activities to enjoy such as writing, learning, dancing, playing, listening to music, drawing, pampering a pet, hiking, touring, camping and more. It is you the only one can choose any of these things to keep yourself engaged.
  • You can take part in social activities when you feel so empty. That is, you can take part in events, parties or chat with your friends and colleagues for some time. Socially connected will make you feel happy.
  1. Try Different Hobbies

Maybe in the past, you might have spent a lot of time with others and now being alone will make you worried. But, you do not have to worry as your hobbies going to take all your time.

  • At times, you have been dreaming to do something, but you would not try because of the fear or lack of knowledge in that thing.
  • If you wanted to do yoga, then you can learn it by simply watching the video tutorials of yoga. You can learn simple yoga steps by watching the video.
  • If you love flowers, then you can try doing gardening. Nothing can be more rewarding than gardening. Yes, by doing gardening, you can spend your time and as well as you can get some beautiful flowers and vegetables for the time you have spent in gardening.
  • You can enjoy yourself drawing scenery with watercolors and simply a sketch pen. Even though you are not an expert, but still, you can try drawing the art.
  • If you love someone and want to build an eternal relationship with her or him, then you can do something to make your loved one happy.
  1. Comfort Yourself

Being alone means that you will have no one around to share your feelings and lay yourself on their shoulders. Of course, it is hard being alone, but you can make yourself to be alone.

  • The first key to be alone and happy is that you need to soothe yourself. Whenever you come up with emotions such as anger, sadness, loneliness, you should divert your mind to some other work and learn how to calm yourself. Simply worrying will make you disturbed.
  • You need to understand that you are alone and you will have no one around you. If you understand this point very well, you will never expect anyone to come to you to cheer you up.
  • Being alone is not a sin. It is better to be alone even in the middle of the public. We are seeing so many controversies and breakups in relationships. In such cases, it is better to stay alone and happy.
  • You need to determine your positive things. Everyone will love themselves for something. You need to address what you like about yourself. You need to find out how you can improve your personality. No matter, how you look, but you should not keep yourself down.
  • You can have a diary as your partner and write your feelings.  You can pen down your routine happenings. No one can be the best friend than in your diary. You can write about how you feel about today and what is your plan for tomorrow.
  1. Build up Your Tolerance Factor

I would say that being alone is an extreme level of tolerance. You do not need to worry or fear about staying alone. If you do, then being alone will be troubling and scaring.

  • If you are just starting to be alone, then you can try to walk for some time, roam in your bike, go out and eat, do shopping and spend some time on things that can make you forget your loneliness.
  • You need to understand the difference that, being alone and being lonely is different. Being alone means you have no one around you. You can be lonely even you have a bunch of people around you.
  • There are loners that drink alcohol, do smoke and engage in other poor activities. Who said these activities for loners? Loner is also a human being. Loner is brave and courageous than any other person that is having a company. You should put yourself on the right path.
  1. A Token of Appreciation is Needed

Everyone has a quality in them to celebrate. You need to take time to celebrate your good qualities. If others love you and want to be with you for those qualities, then having those qualities is more than a gift – right?

  • No matter, either you have helped others or you would have done a splendid job at your company or something else like that, but you should appreciate yourself and feel gratitude for that quality or helping the mind in you.
  • Or look at you in the mirror and appreciate what you look the most in your personality. Take, for example, you can say that, “you look awesome” or “you have such a beautiful pair of eyes”. These things will increase your self-confidence and happiness.
  1. Love Your Life and Accept Everything 

Not everyone will get what they love to have in their life, but our life will give something to cherish for. We need to accept the things that our life gives to us. We should be grateful for what we have now and never a complaint.

  • Do not mind how you look and what your attitude is, but this is your nature and you have to accept that. Trying to change yourself is a good thing, but changing yourself for everyone is something that shows that you have no personal natural or attitude.
  • There are some loners that have a fear of society. If you feel so, let yourself feel how you feel as this is natural. Most of people have fear about something in some situations.
  • Everyone has some good things and bad things. You need to self evaluate yourself and find out the positives and negatives for you. Ask your friends and relatives to tell their opinion about you. By the way, you can find out the negatives of you and you should try to get rid of those negatives.
  • You should not compare yourself with others. If you do, then that will lead to greed, disappointment, insufficiency and more. You should be happy with what you have and what you look like.


You are alone now does not mean that you have to be alone for the rest of your life. You can build relationships with your fellow mates.

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