Since YouTube has a content ID system that helps the content creators to track down and control any use of their content on YouTube, the following tips will help you to escape copyright strikes.

Use Royalty-Free Music For Video Uploads

YouTube content creators have a system that directs all the revenue earned from copyrighted songs on YouTube uploads into their AdSense account. Therefore, use Royalty-Free Music to escape the penalty. Below are the steps.

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  • Log in to your YouTube account from your favorite  computer browser
  • In the top-right corner of the page, click on your profile photo
  • Click on the drop-down menu that appears
  • Hover over “Other Features” on the left side of the screen in the navigation menu
  • Select “Audio Library” and click on “Free Music” tab
  • Select any of the free music that you want to use for your video and preview the music. Then, check on any restrictions on the music.
  • If the music doesn’t appear on the first page, you can search for the music by title, mood, genre, duration, attribution, and instrument.
  • Click on the “sound effect” tab to find a free selection of the sound effects to use for your video.
  • Upload Original Videos

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One of the ways to beat the copyright issue is by uploading the original content captured using your camera. That said, the Camera prevents any party from claiming your work. However, you should be careful in your footage not to capture someone’s name, brand, logo, or any other work in your footage.

Ask For Permission From The Content Creator

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Obtaining permission from content creators before using their work in your video can save the pain that comes with the copyright penalty. With the content creator’s license, you can use the content with confidence.  However, permission only allows you to use the work for non-profit activities. Besides, consent is also not a reliable way since the creator can change the mind at any time.

Do Not Copy Other People’s Work

Copying other people’s work can result in a hefty penalty. Therefore, It is advisable not to copy other people’s DVDs, CDs, TV programs, shows, and concerts.  Even if you attended a meeting or concert do not take a video of celebrities without permission. When you use such content, you’re likely to face penalties by YouTube.

Use Videos And Music From Public Domain

Videos and audios downloaded from government websites and other public domains are not subject to copyright restriction. Therefore, they are free for use, sharing, and modification by everyone. Can that work for you? Well, you can try them out.

Use Videos Under Creative Commons License   

Videos under creative commons licenses have no copyright issues as the creator grants you the permission to use, build on, and share the content.  With the Creative Common License, the creator retains the copyright while giving you permission to re-use the video according to the specifications of the license. If you want to find Creative common licensed videos on YouTube, below are the steps.

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Use Videos Under Creative Commons License.

  • Launch your web browser and navigate to YouTube through this link Note that logging-in is not a requirement for this process.
  • Still, in the web page, navigate to the “Search” at the top-screen and type the topic for your search and press “FILTER” to launch your search. Several videos related to your search will appear.
  • Select “Creative Commons” and click on the “Creative Commons” under the “FEATURES” heading.
  • Select your video from the search result page.

With the above procedure, you’ll be able to get access to tons of Creative Common licensed videos on YouTube.

Apart from YouTube, you can get “Creative Commons” videos from other sites such as:

Make Extreme Edits

At times, you can get a video that you can hardly resist uploading on your channel. With such, you can download the video and make extreme edits. Consider using powerful software to distort the video or photos when making another original work. Editing prevents it from being flagged off. Even though the edits may provide you with a safe exit from the copyright trap, it may distort the entire meaning of the video.

Add FBI Content Warning

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Adding FBI warning to your video introduction is one of the best ways of escaping a copyright strike. Therefore, it means that you do not claim the original work and following it as recommended by YouTube fair use policy. Adding FBI warning immunes your uploaded video from the copyright strike.

Compliance To The Terms Of YouTube Fair Use

The Fair Use policy grants access to unlicensed sources and using them fairly without compromise to the profitability of such work to the creators.  Also, the content posted by creators should not be intended to harm others or promote violence.

Copyright is a legal and exclusive right granted to the creator of the original work to earn maximum revenue from it. Therefore, its violation may land you into a fierce legal battle. Would you risk that? If not, consult a lawyer and find out more about the laws governing copyright in your country.


  • The above seven ways offer practical solutions to avoiding copyright strikes. However, with the knowledge of how to prevent copyright strikes, you can still fall a victim. 
  • In case the original owner of the video flags off your video upload. With that, you can contact the original owner and inform him/her that the video was meant only for educational purposes and not to offend.
  • Make sure to give credit and tell the person that the video falls under the Creative commons category and YouTube fair use poly.

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  • Video-taping your TV screen
  • Downloading copyrighted videos from other sites
  • Not selling the video for money
  • Giving credit to the owner
  • If similar videos appear on YouTube
  • Attaching a copyright notice to the video
  • Creating a short video clip from the copyrighted content.
  • Using videos from public domains

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  • The original content creator can mute the video or audio
  • The creator can commercialize on the video through steam Ads and earn from it.
  • The creator can block the video
  • The creator can track the viewership status of the video.
  • Demonetization of your channel.

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