Is avoiding divorce possible? Yes, it is very much possible, if both partners work on their relationship with complete dedication. Only one partner can also work on their relationship to avoid divorce. Here are seven steps that you have to check.

  1. Prepare for Action

Every relationship is like flowers in the garden if you don’t care for it, timely water it, soon it will lose its colors and slowly will get dry. The food of relationship is care and love. When you start taking your spouse casually, things start getting wrong. And it is not like you get an indication of this course of action on the final day only. Instead, your partner starts making you realize what’s going wrong in your relationship way before. So now, your partner has finally disclosed that he wants to end this relationship, it is the time to take action. Because, if you will not act this time, you won’t be able to save your relationship. Prepare yourself for action and give a push to your relationship with your action, if you want to save your relationship at any cost.

  1. Make a List of Likes and Dislikes of Your Spouse

Your spouse might have complained to you about so many things in the past, but you ignored it. This is the time to act on all complaints and improve your mistakes. Make a list of your spouse likes and dislikes and start working on what he used to dislike in you like, your messy hairs, your untidy clothes, how you cook or anything else. Work on each area and try to improvise. At the same time put efforts to bring freshness in your relationship. For this, you can sometimes cook breakfast for him that he loves to eat, gift him some flowers without any occasion, surprise him by sending gifts (Not necessarily an expensive one), yes even boys like flowers and gifts. Show her that you care for her and she matters a lot to you. Praise him for the efforts he made, laugh on his jokes, praise him for all action he does, say positive words about him in public give attention on every word he says.

  1. Be Positive in Your Thoughts

While making efforts to improve your relationship and trying to leave your positive impression on your partner, at some point of time, you might feel down sometime. A time will come when you start getting a feeling that nothing is working and your divorce is final. But, you have to keep yourself positive even at this point of time. Learn e.g. how couples saved their marriage when it was close to divorce. You can take help of your friends and colleagues to take guidance in this regard. Do not pity yourself for the step your spouse has taken and do not use statement in conversation “Why you are doing this to me”, “What shall I do that we start living like before”, “I can’t live without you”, etc. At this point of time, do not try to change your partner. According to the psychologists, a relationship is always driven by the one who cares the least. So, if your partner is not much bothered to carry forward your relation, don’t feel bad. Instead, take the responsibility.   

  1. Talk to Your Partner

Now, when you know it is the time to end your relationship, there is no harm in talking to your partner on issues that have to drag your marriage to this level. Talk to your spouse and clear everything. Embrace the power of compromise and try to learn from your past mistakes. Compromise is the only way to lead a peaceful life as it gives each one their portion of what they want. And in building a relationship, this is the best thing. Nevertheless, while doing all these experiments to save your relationship does not hold the relation tight. Give enough freedom to your spouse.

  1. Give Attention to Yourself

Dressing up does miracles, if your partner has even a small tilt toward you, then you change look will make him think about you once again. So, get some new attires for yourself and dress up the best. Work on your hair, clean it and tie it properly to create an impressive look. This is a law of nature, when you start thinking positive about you people will start thinking the same for you. Give proper attention to yourself.

When you have sorted out everything between you and your partner, it is the time to make commitments. Promise to make yourself and your partner as well, if you have been successful in saving your marriage that you won’t commit the same mistake. Nevertheless, maintaining freshness in a relationship is a key factor to have a healthy life.

Can I get divorced if my wife doesn’t want to?

You can still get a divorce even if your spouse does not want one. States do not force a couple to stay together if one person no longer wants to be married. However, it can definitely complicate the process if the other party does not want to go through with it.

How can I avoid divorce before marriage?

3 quick tips to consider before you get married:
  1. ASK QUESTIONS. Yes, you must ask all the right questions BEFORE you decide to tie the knot.
  2. KNOW YOURSELF. It is important to know yourself and your expectations for a partner.
  3. BE WILLING TO COMPROMISE. Compromising is a MUST in any relationship.