As the myth goes, cat and water don’t mix.

However, this can be disapproved using the principles of psychology, gaining the trust of the kitten, and refusing to give upA kitten is well-equipped to handle their own hair care requirementsHowever, if she gets into something smelly or sticky, you might have to give her a bathTake a look at the tips to start bathing your kitten with maximum efficiency.

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  1. Choose the Right Time

Choosing the right time to bathe your kitten is one of the most important aspects.

  • You need to opt for a time when the cat is most mellow.
  • For this, you can arrange for a play session with some toys like a cat dancer. This can get even the friskiest felines tired.
  1. Prep the Kitten for a Bath

To do this, you will have to invade her space.

  • As you pet the cat, you can murmur words of love, gently massage inside the mouth, and run fingers over the teeth.
  • Pet her tummy and hold her by keeping your arm in between your legs.
  • Give her treats of she complies.
  • Get all the equipment required and set up the stage for bathing. You are going to need bath towels, cat shampoo, washcloth, and her favorite treats.
  • The best bathing location is the bathroom.
  1. Get Help

At times, you can take help from a second person.

  • In case the kitten is posing any problem and is having issues adjusting then you can get help from a second person.
  • Make sure that the person is ready to scruff her when she panics or trying to claw its way out.

Wet her feet – the first step that you need to take is wet her feet.

  • Make the kitten stand in water so that the paws are submerged in water.
  • Pet and also praise her. Offer her with some treats when she has stood there for some time without posing any tantrum.
  • Wrap her up in a bathing towel and giver her many kisses.
  • In case she struggles don’t offer her any kind of treats and try the next day. Moving on to the next step without completing this might be a mistake.
  1. Rub Her Down

When you repeat the first step, you have to get the washcloth wet and provide a rub down.

  • Make sure that you don’t use soap at this juncture.
  • The kitten needs to enjoy when she is being scratched all over.
  • It is necessary to maintain eye contact. When she does this, correct her gently in case she tries to get away.
  • Dry her up using the bathing towels and give kisses.
  • Don’t move on to the next step without completing this.
  1. Rain on the Parade

Prior to the washcloth rub down, you need to follow some steps.

  • Take water and pour it all over her so that she gets soaked thoroughly.
  • As you wet the head, you will have to lift up her chin using your finger so that water doesn’t run into her eyes.
  • Dry her up using the bathing towels and cuddle her with kisses.
  • In case you find her struggling, don’t give treats and avoid stepping into the next step. Try it again the next day.
  1. Soap Her

Prior to beginning this step, flip open the top of the shampoo bottle and place it within the reach of the kitten.

  • Put a small quantity of soap in the wet coat and then spread it around. Make sure that it doesn’t get into her eyes.
  • Take a washcloth for wiping the soap off its head and rinse cloth as per requirement.
  • Pour water to rinse off the remaining part of the body. As the kitten has gotten used water, you will not have much problem with this step.
  • You shouldn’t rush but leaving the kitten soaked in water for a long time is also not right. The whole process of wetting, scrubbing, and rinsing should take around 5 minutes.
  • Dry her up using one bathing towel.
  • Wrap her up and then give her kisses to cuddle her.
  • Again, in case she struggles don’t give treats and repeat the step on the next day.
  1. Final Tips to Success

There are a few things that you need to consider in order to be successful with bathing the kitten.

  • It is necessary to make sure that water you are using for bathing the kitten is warm enough.
  • Keep all the necessary supplies ready and in their places to start with the process of bathing.
  • It is important to maintain a calm demeanor. This will help the cat to relax and be less afraid.
  • You need to speak in a soft tone to the kitten. Thus, the experience is going to be a positive one.
  • The words like you are beautiful and you love her can easily be understood by the kitten.
  • It is necessary to bathe the kitten on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that you use soap every time. This will keep the skin from drying out.


  • Trim the claws for preventing any kind of accident.

Clean out the ears of the kitten using ear-cleaning wipe which is particularly made for pets.

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