A friend in need is a friend indeed. You expect good from your friends. The question is: Are you a good friend? If you want to know how you can become a good friend, follow the tips given below.

Support your Friend  

Everyone has difficult times in life. Remember, once you were facing a challenging time and your friend helped you. He or she is your real friend. You must know whether or not your friend is going through a tough time. If he or she is, then make efforts to help him.

Friendship requires trust. You must help your friend if he needs you. Helping does not necessarily mean supporting your friend financially. Just do your best and realize him that you are always there to support him.

Encourage your Friend

You are a great friend if you encourage your friend. For instance, if your friend has lost a loved one or facing bankruptcy, it is time to stand up, approach him, and encourage him. Tell him that everything is fine. He will overcome the difficult situation. You are with him no matter what happens.

Your words matter a lot. Like we said at the start of the article “a friend in need is a friend indeed” means you need to show reliability. This way, he will depend on you and feel encouraged. If you want to help your friend, spend time with him, encourage him, and motivate him. Don’t let him stay alone in the most difficult situation. Otherwise, you are not a friend at all.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Friendship relies on trust and honesty. You must show honesty wholeheartedly. There is no give and take in friendship. For example, if your friend had not helped you in tough times, you must not do the same. Don’t even realize him that he left you alone in harsh circumstances. Have an open heart.

Embrace him again and help him. Always speak the truth to your friend. Don’t lie. It is evil and can end your friendship. Trust is like a fine thread. Once you break it, your friend will leave you forever. It is hard to find a good friend in this fast-paced world. Therefore, we say honesty is the best policy.

There is No Give and Take

Friendship is not about giving and take. It is a beautiful relationship where two people accept each other without any means. Give your time to him, speak the truth, and love him. If he loves you and cares for you, love him even more. This is what we call true friendship. If your friend complains, listen to his concerns and try to solve them with a good heart.

Appreciate Difference of Opinion  

No two human beings are alike. Everyone has different traits. The difference of opinion exists everywhere. Try to learn the skills of appreciating the difference of opinion. Treat your friend nicely and respectfully.

Tell him you appreciate his viewpoint about the existing president but you prefer the previous one, for example. Respect the line. Don’t make the differences become stumbling blocks in your friendship. Respecting each other is the touchstone of your friendship.

Focus on Positive Traits

There are some traits you don’t like about your friend. These exist in his natural behavior. You can’t change them. However, you can avoid the negative aspects of his personality by not talking about them. Instead, focus on his positive personality traits. Accept his rights and wrongs.

At the same time, make an effort if you want a great friend. Spend time with him. Send him emails, text, messages, call him, and invite him for lunch or dinner. Do this often so that the bond between you two remains stronger. If your friend smokes, don’t tell him that he should quit it, otherwise, you will leave him. The positive side is to make him know that smoking will eliminate his lungs.


Friendship is a beautiful thing in the world. You are lucky if you have a great friend. If you want to maintain your friendship, then become a good friend too. Follow the tips mentioned above to become a good friend and live your life happily. It is because you have a good friend and you know he will support you in all walks of life.

What makes a bad friend?

A bad friend has no self-control and doesn’t care about the consequences of telling your secrets to others. Spilling these secrets could embarrass you or bring harm to you which are things a good friend would never intentionally do.

What a true friend is?

The definition of a true friendship is someone who has your back, no matter what. They watch out for you and ensure you are not in danger. They will never purposely lead you into making decisions that aren’t good for you. A true friendship will always have your best interest at heart.

What are three qualities of a good friend?

7 Qualities Of A Good Friend
  • Honest. Among the traits of a best friend, honesty is easily one of the most significant.
  • Accepting. Great friends are accepting, even when their lives diverge from your own.
  • Low-Maintenance.
  • Non-Judgmental.
  • Loyal.
  • Respectful.
  • Trustworthy.

What is a good best friend?

A best friend will listen to you and thoughtfully respond rather than react to what you’ve said even if you have triggered something in him or her. The ability to hear what another is truly saying is one of the best parts of friendship.

How do you make a girl bestie?

Determine what you share in common and talk about it.
  1. Try to be funny and lighthearted when you are talking to a girl. If you can make her laugh, it’ll be more likely she will want to be your friend.
  2. Be a good listener and let her talk. The more you ask questions, the more she will open up and feel comfortable.

What a healthy friendship looks like?

Healthy friendships and relationships also mean learning to respect and trust each other. But with respect and trust, they can talk about how they feel and work things out. People also should respect and trust themselves and their feelings so they can set boundaries and feel comfortable.

What is the golden rule of friendship?

Friends should be loyal both in good times and in bad. Friends respect the person and not the position or the title. Friends keep their words – do what you said you will do. Friends do not talk bad about friends – defend your friends in their absence.

Do true friends forgive?

Forgive you for anything

Real friends will know that sometimes you’ll mess up. They will forgive you because they value your friendship more than your (temporary) mistake.

What are the signs of a toxic friendship?

Here’s a look at some other things a toxic friend might do:
  • Put you down.
  • Gossip.
  • Apologize without sincerity.
  • Make you feel nervous.
  • Leave you unsettled.
  • Compare you to other people.
  • Put themselves front and center — always.
  • Try to change you.

When your best friend is jealous of you?

How do you know your friend is jealous of you?

A jealous friend will always try to be the center of attention. A jealous friend may do things like show off on social media. They may post overly happy or positive things about their own life. You may also notice them friending your friends as they’re eager to gain social approval from those close to you.

How can you tell if someone is really your friend?

What do you call a fake friend?

Six Signs Your Friend Is Jealous
  • They greet your good news with negativity. When something good happens, you want to tell your closest friends about it.
  • They frequently try to outdo or one-up you.
  • They make you feel bad about yourself.
  • They struggle with insecurity and self-esteem.
  • They don’t offer support.

How do you tell if someone is using you?

What are signs of fake love?

See if they have your back during hard times.
  1. Think about a time when you were having a really hard time in your life.
  2. A true friend should be with you through the good, bad, and ugly.
  3. A fake friend, or someone who you are not close to, will probably only stick around when things are going well.

How do you know if someone loves you secretly?

Noun. (humorous) One who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy. frenemy. betrayer.