A better position, a large house and a greater sum of money in hand, more money, a wardrobe that is nice and more is what we want and extra, It’s human nature honestly, even if you aren’t a restless perfectionist who’s always trying to push themselves to the next level most of us actually aren’t willing to completely stagnate for the same.

  1. Stop Comparing Yourself

We are always chasing in life after some things. It is mainly because all of the other people have it and that’s why you want one?

  • It has become easy to do a comparison today for each and everyone out there. Everyone is showcasing their personal life in social media. For a moment, we feel we have blessed life and we are happy in our careers—until we log into our LinkedIn and Facebook and see that a friend was recently published by The Times of India.
  • We all have zero complaints about our beautiful home unless a post appears by our Instagram friend who has just purchased this flawless home on a massive wood which is just spectacular.
  • See how easy that was to fall into? Isn’t that a trap? We usually don’t even bother getting up on our high horse and preaching others about this one, but because we compare ourselves with other people more often that we ignore to admire that is natural but not healthy.
  • It’s really crucial to understand that everybody runs their own race others success is not one’s failure. And, beyond that, you don’t have to have or want or wish everything and anything that other person already has with him.
  • We’re all different people with different lives and lifestyle’s So always remember to be your best, to stay focused on your very own path to reach your goal, and forget the rest. In the end, your happiness is important and your happiness doesn’t lie in other hand.
  1. About Your Own Reasoning and Thinking

There’s always nothing wrong with seeking improvement and implementing it as long as we have legitimate reasons and needs. To do so we can follow the following points.

  • We May want a better job than our current one because it makes us absolutely miserable and sad. Perhaps we’re chasing after more luxury every passing day because we feel our condition makes our family dreamless and financially weak. Those desires are actually motivating, and that’s a good thing.
  • But, if the only reason behind your very own longings is that, “I just want it anyhow,” then my dear friend you’ve got a little less thinking to do. So, always take a magnifying glass to conclude, what exactly you need to fulfill your desires.
  • If you happen to find that you actually have solid justifications and reasoning for why you simply can’t feel content happy and settled with your current situation? Well, you’ve just landed up on some amazing inspiration to keep moving forward in life no matter what.
  • However, in contrast, if you ever discover that you’re only chasing yourself and making yourself crazy to get attention, you now know that you need to reevaluate, focus and also adjust your attention on being happy and content with what you are blessed with.
  1. Be Grateful at the End of Your Day

“Be happy with what I actually have?” you’re likely thinking now that, “OK, that sounds cool, but how exactly am I supposed to do that? That’s the toughest part!”

You’re totally right, this is the tough part, but it’s not impossible to implement its just simple things that you need to do.

  • So, what do you do to try to combat those negative thoughts? Every night, you think about the positive things that make you grateful. Whether it’s your family or a small compliment from your workspace, be happy for some more time reflecting those moments and recollecting on all of the good moments that made you smile on that day.
  • This may sound a little too mushy and creepy to you—and we can’t actually blame you there. But, we promise, it actually works. This technique pulls one’s attention off, of all of those things that we don’t have and those slip-ups that didn’t go well during the day, instead, it makes you the moment, be it big or small that you should appreciate.
  • Instead of going to bed by obsessing over the career trajectory of your roommate’s friend, rest easy thinking about all of the positives in your life. Before you lay down on your bed just think how cute your cat is? Well, there’s no better way to end the day on this amazing note.
  • We all really want more, and to some great extent, that’s a pretty good thing. But, if you spend every moment of yours only thinking about all of the things you don’t have yet or didn’t get in the past, then you’re setting yourself up for a discontentment and a lot of life stress.

We all have at least some desire and expensive dreams to keep moving forward. So here’s a list of things on ‘how to be happy with what you have’.


It’s really important to learn to be happy and content with whatever you have right now in your life. And to realize, these are some tips to enjoy your Felicity and happy with where you are right now.