Life seems easy when organized, and yet the irony is most of us still prefer to be unorganized. To be organized, an individual should be patient and punctual. If you decide to be organized, it should be forever. Laziness pulls you down, and any person who wants to be organized will firstly have strike down the laziness.

  1. Organize Your Space

This is one of the most important tips of all. Because being organized starts with cleanliness.

  • Organizing your space includes determining the importance of things you have.
  • These things can be categorized into three parts- Luxury, need, recycle.
  • Now let’s see how to organize space in each part of your life.
  1. Organize Your Bed

The bedroom is a place of solace, to rest and lay down in peace. Begin with the habit of folding the quilt. The place where you rest should always be a clean place.

  • Other than that divide the things like books chairs papers.
  • The things you don’t need, dump them into a box and send for the process of recycling, if possible.
  • Now the stuff that’s left, divide them and place them according to your need in your bedroom.
  • Looking at a tidy bed before starting your day will make you feel organize and coming back to a clean bed will peace you out.
  • Keeping your bed clean will not let you become lazy and you will feel more swiftness.
  1. Workplace

Confusion will always be inversely proportional to growth and development.

The workplace includes a lot of documents, and there might be chances that one may not find stuff as they are disorganized.

  • Divide the things into categories.
  • The papers and stuff which are no more in use could be recycled and the ones needed can be divided into files and folders.
  • Keep pens, pencils and quick to use stationery like a highlighter in the pen stand.
  • Do not forget to organize electrical cords, zip them up and keep them wrapped so that they are not tangled or messy.
  • Avoid as much as possible.
  1. Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the soul of a home. Divide the utensils into different categories. Old or broken utensils can be thrown out.

  • Organize the stuff with respect to use, like the utensils which are related could be kept in one drawer or a cupboard, so it’s easy to find.
  • Before organizing make sure you clean the kitchen once.
  • To be organized, keep the kitchen counter clean.
  • Daily use utilities like utensils or grains should be accessible easily.
  • Follow the first in-first out the strategy for perishable foods, because once spoiled germs gather.
  1. Organize Your Closet

The chances of getting late are based on difficulty in choosing an outfit due to the mess in the closet. Organize your closet; by categorizing what you have missed out on, what you love to wear i.e. comfortable clothes, and what you don’t need anymore.

  • The clothes you don’t need anymore, dump them in the box and recycle if possible.
  • Now organize, and group the same type of clothing.
  • Divide your outfits into four categories – party wear, formal wear, nightwear and casuals.
  • Keep rotating the stack of clothes so that you can make the use of most of it.
  1. Clean Your Space Regularly

To maintain the cakewalk of being organized there’s only one code that needs to be followed to not be lazy.

  • Make sure to keep your personal space well organized.
  • Don’t let it remain dirty. Just keep it neat & clean as much as you can.
  • Keeping trash bins around will help you to be organized as you may dump the waste as soon as possible instead of it lingering around and making the room untidy.
  • Do it on a fixed time.
  • This will save you time as you don’t have to waste a lot of your time searching for things here and there.
  1. Organize Your Time

An organized individual is the one who knows the policy of the right time. This is the prime tip any individual should keep in mind.

  • Time holds major importance in an individual’s right.
  • Make sure you spend it right.
  • Avoid wasting your time whose outcome is not favorable.
  • Set your priorities wisely because at the end of the day what matters the most is your personal life.
  1. Plan the Calendar

First, get a calendar and hang it at a place where it is visible easily. There should also be a calendar on your desktop or laptop and phone so that you don’t miss out on events.

  • Mark the dates with respect to events, due dates, appointments.
  • Make a habit to check the calendar daily.
  • You may highlight the important dates with respect to the priority.
  • You may use organizing apps on your phone.
  1. Use a Day Planner

To keep your day organized, a day planner is a must. It will help you make portions of work on day to day basis.

  • It will help you with respect to arranging an appointment and meeting on a daily basis.
  • Keeping a check on a daily planner will help you not avoid missing out, or forgetting and will always help you with your punctuality.
  • Schedules can help you in achieving your goals timely and that so without any hectic activities.
  1. Keep a To-Do List

Making a to-do list is a reminder of work to do or the pending work. To-do lists can be short term and long term both. You jot down the to-do list on the whiteboard you have near you so that you are able to check it out whenever in need.

  • Once you do the task, strike it down.
  • As one by one, the tasks strike down; there shall be less work which gives more happiness and motivation.
  • In case you prefer a digital to-do list on your laptop make sure that it’s on your desktop so that you don’t miss out on it.
  • Making a to-do list decides your day, the way you prioritize your tasks with respect to your time limit, “Things I need to get done with today”, “Things to do this week”.
  1. Reward Yourself for Staying Organized

Once you are organized is not enough, an individual needs to be organized with every breath, but being disorganized is easy right?

  • To keep yourself motivated, give yourself a reward for being organized.
  • Like a cheat day on diet is necessary, you may reward yourself with something that makes you happy too.
  • You may cook for yourself and have a Netflix night or might end up checking out that new restaurant around the corner.
  • You may also reward yourself with extra sleep, or playing video games or taking a day off.
  1. Working in an Organized Way

To be organized is not only to think but also to work on it. The thoughts of being organized will surely bring a change to your perspective, but organized work will bring a change in your growth and development.

  • Every day give 5-10 minutes of daily planning and organizing keeps a person prepared for coming adventures.
  • Remember to always be organized, any organized person is evident with his drawers and boxes are planned and kept.
  • Stick to your work formula and the flow of it. The pattern of your work says a lot about your schedule and what’s not the best, can be made with the sole way of organizing.
  1. Make a Daily Schedule

The daily schedule is a task list set according to your organized time and space. According to your day and priority of a task, decide your schedule and perform the day according to it.

  • Check the task off the list once completed.
  • Another morning plan to be organized is to improve your waking up habits like not snoozing the clock for the 5 minutes more nap.
  • Every day after you wake up, assure yourself to make the bed. As the sooner you make the bed it makes you more prepared about facing a day and leaving the laziness in the bed.
  1. Schedule Breaks While the Working Days

All work and no play, has never been healthy. As important it gets your work done, similarly, the short breaks are required for a peaceful life.

  • Breaks could be while meal times or 5 mins of shutting eyes and breathing.
  • The best break is the meditation breaks; it gathers the power back and makes you feel fresh.
  • Short walks or exercising may help too.
  • Taking breaks is for the purpose of not overburdening an individual while being organized.
  • Make sure you take a break in two hours compulsorily, for 5 mins at least.
  1. Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking works like a synonym for organizing, once an individual knows to perform and switch between two or more tasks perfect, or perform them together should multi-task to make life easing.

  • Multi-tasking is preferred as it has gains of more work to be done in less time.
  • This makes your check-list strike down fast, and maybe you’ll have some spare time left which you can utilize by your own self.
  • Spare time with no work will make you feel overwhelmed as you may use it as per your preference and no burden.
  • But also don’t forget that some research has shown that multitasking might decrease the ability to perform or focus on one particular work done.
  • Remember to multi-task with regards to speed and not perfection.
  1. Delegation of Tasks

If there’s a possibility to delegate tasks, you should. Especially with regards to teamwork, you are not supposed to perform and get done with the project alone because you are more organized.

  • Delegate work, if you already have a lot in your baggage; divide the weight to people who may carry it.
  • Efficiency has been reported to increase by delegating tasks as the responsibility is divided and the perfection in work would be better due to a particular person being supreme with the work.
  1. Give Yourself Time

Giving time to oneself is the most important thing in someone’s life. And it can be said that it is the trump card for staying happy.

  • Sit in a place alone and analyze your whole day.
  • Think about your past.
  • Try to avoid the mistakes that you have done in your past.
  • Don’t delve too much into your past otherwise, you will fall into its trap and it may even haunt you.
  1. Talk to Other People

If you will talk to people then they may tell you what is going wrong with you and it can help you in remaining organized.

  • Visit your friends more often.
  • Try to talk to your elders as much as you can.
  • Be gentle towards them.
  • In this way, you will become more social, and the fear that people will judge you will influence you to remain more organized.
  1. Don’t Waste Your Time

The best way of staying organized is by giving time in the right things and staying away from wasting time.

  • Don’t roam around here and there without any motive.
  • Don’t spend too much time with useless people.
  • Stay away from people who enjoy wasting other’s time.
  • Set your priorities and stay away from uncivilized people of society.
  1. Pray Daily

Making a habit to pray God will definitely help you in staying organized because it will become a habit for you.

  • Pray God twice in time at a fixed time.
  • Thank God every day.
  • Do some generous work and help people.
  • Daily prayer will attach you directly with God will influence you to do your work on time and will keep you more organized.


  • The best strategy to be organized is to clean the mess after the work is done and dusted.
  • Making a conscious effort is all about deciding to improve the habits that pull you down.
  • A to-do list avoids missing out on important things; it is the constant reminder more like a target list to hit bulls-eye.

We hope this article helps you to be organized throughout life because no amount of mess can be on the top, it will always be the organized man with his adventures planned.

How do you start decluttering?

  1. Don’t bring any new items into your home until the decluttering process is complete. Regina Lark, A Clear Path.
  2. Get mentally prepared. Amy Trager.
  3. Gather all the materials you’ll need.
  4. Tackle one item at a time.
  5. Ask yourself the right questions.
  6. Remember your vision and stick to it.
  7. Ask for help from a professional.

What are the 5 key managerial skills?

5 managerial skills are technical skills, conceptual skills, interpersonal and communication skills, decision-making skills. The roles that a manager plays in the organization require having some skills.

How do you show you are organized?

Follow these steps to provide a thorough answer for specific questions about how you stay organized: Describe what works for you. Explain your time management strategies.

Be honest.

  1. Describe what works for you.
  2. Explain your time management strategies.
  3. Demonstrate your level of organization.
  4. Give past examples.
  5. Be honest.

How do you explain being organized?

Being organized means having the time and energy to make sure every aspect of a task is properly handled and that each step of a project is completed correctly.

Why is staying organized so hard?

You Have a Fear of Failure

This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s hard to get organized. Most people feel that their organization attempts need to be perfect and if it isn’t then they have failed. Organization is something that requires consistent effort so the goal is progress, not perfection.

Does being organized make you happy?

Less Stress and Depression

An organized environment can make you feel happier and more relaxed. Being surrounded by clutter and disorganization is like dragging heavy baggage around with you all day. Getting organized will help you to experience a sense of freedom and control.

Why does being organized matter?

​​By saving you real chunks of time, money, space, and energy, de-cluttering and organizing will organically show you why being organized matters. Being organized will reduce the tension and stress in my life. I will feel calmer, clearer, more focused, and more motivated.

Why do I like organizing?

Organizing provides us with some semblance of control while reducing the anxiety associated with having so much of our fate determined by others.” Two: It creates a sense of calm. “Your home should feel like the ultimate vacation spot, but for most, it doesn’t.

Can you be messy and organized?

If you‘re organized and messy

You know it’s all about getting stuff done and not how pretty the box looks when it’s checked off. For example, a person in this category might find themselves Ignoring the laundry that’s been piling up on the floor because laundry day isn’t until tomorrow.

Is it possible to be too organized?

So, is it possible to be TOO organized? Absolutely. Just as in business endeavors, when setting up any organizing system you want to ask yourself about the Return On Investment (ROI).

What is a very organized person called?

Definition. orderly and efficient. Such people are very organized and excellent time managers. Synonyms. methodical.