LinkedIn has opened doors for many people to share their stories and videos.

Besides just sharing their stories, they also get millions of views and grow their business and brandBecause of this huge advantage LinkedIn offers, everyone is rushing to become a LinkedIn influencerHere are some steps explained to become a LinkedIn influencer.

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Create Engaging Content

A small piece of engaging content can make wonders for you. Yes, with your interesting and read-worthy content, you can get millions of views to your post.

  • You will have to invest some amount of time to create fresh and enticing content. Make sure you create content about the topic that is in-demand or looked after by people.
  • Also, it is good to create contents on the industry or niche you are interested in so that you can get some ideas about creating and structuring the content in the best way.
  • You can use certain tools to explore striking contents and new stories. If you find the time, refer some other blogs or site for different contents. Go through how contents are composed and shared on other blogs.

Create Alluring Videos

Not just contents, videos are also important to get more views, likes, and comments. Video is a better way to communicate with people than contents.

  • In some cases, it is true that a video can get your job done much better than written contents. The reason is that people can understand the videos easily and it takes only a little time.
  • All you need to do is to create videos on the most interesting topic. Make sure to create short videos, as people may not watch the long videos that run for more than 20 minutes.
  • Rather than creating videos on any topic, you can tell stories on your videos in the language everyone can understand. The story does not mean that you can tell children’s story, come out with something that will surely get people’s attention.

Post Regularly

Posting content or video once in a month or twice a month would not get followers or recognition to you. Make sure to post it periodically.

  • No matter either you post a video or written content, doing it regularly will get you more followers and attention. Also, regular posts will help your followers to remember you easily.
  • Posting a video and content every week will help you get the results you desire.
  • Use the LinkedIn platform to create awareness, build your business brands, bring people together for a cause, and more. Rather than simply entertaining people, you can use the platform for a good reason.

Get More Followers

If you want to connect with more people, then you must think about building a group of followers.

  • You can get followers within a few weeks or months after you have ‘Signed’ into LinkedIn, but retaining the followers is a big deal.
  • If anyone follows you, you should also follow him or her. After that start a conversation with your follower and make it regular, so that you can build a relationship with him or her.
  • You should do the same with all of your followers to build a group of people for you.

Look at the Responses You Receive 

Simply keeping on posting the contents or videos will not only get you the results you desire. You should evaluate your responses.

  • Once you post a video or content, you must take a closer look at it and check what kind of responses you have received. You must take time to read onto the comments posted by your fellow mates on LinkedIn (
  • You should take the comments in a positive way rather than taking it for granted. Determine what kind of improvements is still needed to get more followers.
  • Work on the suggestions or comments posted by your followers. Make sure to post better contents or videos each time. Your post should be grabbing and convincing to people, as they take time to read it.
  • Do not post any content, video, or picture that is violating or could put your reputation at risk.


Even if you regularly post your contents or videos on LinkedIn, make sure to keep your existing posts in place and untouched.

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