In Texas, a notary public has the power vested by the state of Texas to perform various functions such as making documents and many statements official. It is not that difficult to become a notary in Texas. It is a straightforward process. In certain states, the notaries have to cater to stringent requirements to achieve commission. However, in Texas, the eligibility requirements are pretty simple. If you fit the eligibility criteria, you will be able to become a notary. A moral character will help you to qualify. Notaries public in Texas is commissioned by the Secretary of the State and also regulates them so that they maintain professional behavior. Here the steps to become a notary public in Texas.

  1. Eligibility Criteria

In case you are interested in making a career as a notary in Texas then you have to be a resident of the state and 18 years old. Also, as a candidate, you shouldn’t be convicted of a felony or crime that comprises of moral turpitude. All these crimes include robbery, rape, forgery, etc. If you are eligible as a candidate then you will immediately be able to apply to become a notary. This is because, in order to become a notary in Texas, you do not require any training or examination. All you have to do is fill in the application form. The application procedure includes submission of the form to Secretary of the State. Submit it along with valid proof of the bond. You will also have to pay a filing fee.

  1. Complete form 2301

You will be able to secure Form 2301, the application form from the Texas Secretary of State, the office of the clerk. You can also get it from the surety or insurance office. While you are completing the form, you have to sign the name that you plan on signing on the notarized documents. Also, put in your Social Security Number. If you want, you can put in the email address so that the office can send you the commission or some other communication through email. As an applicant can you reveal of criminal history if you have on the form. This can include the guilty pleas and guilty from any jurisdiction from inside or outside the United States, military tribunals, military, and state courts.

  1. Get a Security Bond

Texas needs notaries to possess a surety bond of $10,000. As you complete the application, get in touch with the insurance agency who have the license to operate in Texas for obtaining the bond. The official who handles the issuing of surety needs to sign the application in the space that is given. Make sure that you pay a premium to the agency for this surety bond. However, the amount might vary with the provider.

  1. Submit Application

You can submit the bond after securing the bond. Also, submit the attachments related to criminal history along with a processing fee of $21 to the Secretary of the State office. You can pay through money order, personal check, credit or debit card. Keep in mind that the office is going to perform a background on every applicant for searching any crimes or convictions. If you fail to provide any information regarding criminal entries with the documents, your application might be denied or even the commission revoked. In case the background check in satisfying, the notary commission will be issued by the secretary of the state.

  1. Maintain Commission Validity

The notary commission is valid for 4 years from the date that had been issued. Notaries can start with the renewal process not before ninety days prior to the commission expires. The process to renew the notary commission is pretty similar to the process of application. Notaries have to submit Form 2301, a filing fee of $21 and a renewed bond of $10,000. In case the commission expires and you do not want to renew it then you have to destroy the seal. This way no one will be able to use the commission in an illegal manner. Keep in mind that your notary is your responsibility. If someone uses it illegally, you are going to face problems.