Skyrim is an interesting role-playing game that happens in a fantasy world of beasts, vampires, and hunters.

The game allows you to travel in different directions and deviate from the main storylineDuring the quest, you can convert your character into more powerful entitiesAnd being a werewolf is one such opportunity that can reward you with lots of powers.

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  1. Follow the Companions Quest

Joining the companions is the first step towards your goal of turning into a werewolf. To achieve this you need to reach White run where you can meet other companions. You will be assigned with a quest by Angela (the Huntress).

  • Your goal would be to find the piece of the renowned battle axe.  The task is challenging as you would need to enter a dungeon full of dragons.
  • During the quest, you will be getting instructions from one of the companions named Vilkas. Once you successfully find the fragment of the axe, you should proceed to Jorrvaskr and join Vilkas.
  1. Set on a Radiant Quest

After the first task, you will be having a conversation with Vilkas. Follow his instructions to start a radiant quest. By the end of the quest, you will be quite close to your goal of becoming a werewolf

  • The quest may provide you with a chance to select a leader. You will be given 3 choices and your next task would depend on the person you select. In order to be a werewolf, you should select Farkas.
  • Farkas is a warrior and a Heavy Armour trainer. Besides being the brother of Vilkas he is a werewolf himself.
  1. Meet Skjor

Once the radiant quest ends, you need to talk with Skjor who is a member of “The Circle” and also a werewolf. He would welcome you to the group and information about a meeting to be conducted during the night.

  • You should accept the invitation to the meeting at night and turn up at the spot mentioned by Skjor. There you will find the huntress Aela.
  • At this moment, you would discover that Angela is a werewolf and as she turns into one, you should seize the opportunity and drink her blood.
  1. Activate the Fountain

Although drinking Aela’s blood should have made you a werewolf, you can complete the transformation only after activating the underforge fountain. This is a small fountain filled with blood.

  • Activate the fountain by participating in the blood ritual. Note that once you drink from the fountain, you will be cured of any previous diseases you had. For instance, if you were a vampire you would cease to be one.
  • Now you can transform into a werewolf and use the powers added to your menu. Note that, you can become a werewolf only once in a day.
  1. Check out the Magic Menu

After becoming a werewolf you will experience lots of changes. Open the magic menu to find the new powers you have received. If you use them wisely you can make significant progress.

  • Whenever you become a werewolf, the transformation would last only for 150 seconds. However, you get an extension of 30 seconds if you feed on a corpse.
  • When the beast form is activated, you can use claws to attack your enemies. You can also enjoy higher stamina and health. Also, your carrying capacity would be much higher. As a werewolf, you also get the option of driving away from the attackers with the help of Howls.


  • While you transform into a werewolf, stay away from silver as it can drastically reduce the strength.

If you want to discontinue as a werewolf you can choose to cure this disease of lycanthropy. But once you opt out of this mode, you cannot become a werewolf again. However, if you have installed “the Dawnguard Expansion pack” you get an extra chance to be a werewolf.

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