Building a nice deck around your ground pool, not just makes it attractive, but it also increases the value of your investment. It is added to the list of merits of your property and you can sell it at a higher price too. You can dine at the poolside once it’s done too. Below are the steps to take care of.

  1. Measures the Pool

Before you set out to cut and lay bricks, you have to find out the actual dimensions of your pool. The pool’s diameter will decide the measurements of the deck that you are thinking of building around it.

  • Get a tape and measure the diameter of your ground pool.
  • Also accurately record the height of the pool.
  • Record them somewhere.
  1. Decide on the Size of the Deck

A deck is built around the ground pool. This means that the deck will be measuring something more than it. However, you have to decide how big is it you want?

  • Plan about considerable space between the periphery of the pool and the deck.
  • This helps swimmers to walk out comfortably.
  • It also helps people sitting on the deck save from splashes.
  1. Get the Permits and Paperwork

Ask a building inspector to come to your home and make an inspection before you build. But, first, you have to have a rough plan made.

  • Make a rough plan and visit your local building inspector.
  • The inspector will advise on stairs, grills, and handrails that are necessary.
  • Then, include those changes in your draft and begin assembly.
  • Also, electrical permits are part of the deck too.
  1. Decide on the Type of Deck

People generally use materials that can be made and taken off easily. These types of decks pose flexibility of rebuilding if required. Then, you can even make a permanent not with brick and mortar.

  • The best one can recommend is using composite materials.
  • However, you can also use pressure-treated woods since they are easy to work with.
  • The material must be of good quality and the build must be sturdy.
  • You should not compromise with the structural quality of the whole setup because this can cause damage to your deck sooner.
  1. Start Laying the Deck

Now, we shall start by laying our deck. We shall use posts firmly fixed to the ground to mark the periphery of the deck. Remember the measurements that we had taken and used them now.

  • Mark the interior of the deck about 2 feet away from the pool.
  • The perimeter or the posts should be about 4 feet away from the pool.
  • The shape of the deck is a square so the sides of the square will be nearer to the circular pool.
  • The corners will be farther away.
  • Keep the sides of the square around 2 feet away, as above.
  1. Make Your Posts

To find out how many posts you will need, divide the circumference of the pool by 4. This will give an appropriate number of posts that are building just around the pool surrounding it. The posts are put inside the piers now. The distance between the two lines should be equal to the sum of the pool cap and its width. You must also allow around an inch for the expansion.

  • Install the precast concrete at the bottom of the posts of the deck, the four corners of the square.
  • These can be 4×4 inches and are allowed in the US.
  • Use a 4×4 post in the right place and then insert them at the position.
  • Use a 4-foot long post to support the corner of the deck to the circular edge of the pool.
  • These reset on top of the concrete piers and they are marked as a cap over the pool.
  • Place the posts back inside the piers, cut them by length 2×6 inches for the floor frame.
  1. Start with the Deck Frame

This is the important part because here we install the treated wood posts around the periphery of the pool to support our deck. This is the side of the interior piers that face the pool and they must be served properly in place. For that, we will use 2.5-inch screws.

  • The support he inner piers with helping the posts that are perfectly firmly screwed to them.
  • Use a level to make sure all these posts are at the same level around the pool.
  • You should also make sure that they are still in a square shape as the square outside of the deck.
  • Beginning with the outside perimeter of the deck, we shall start with installing 2×6 inches supports with screws on them.
  • Confirm again that these supports are all level and square to work with.
  1. Joist Hangers are Put in Place

One of them is hanged every 6 inches around the deck support so that these joints are perpendicular to the supports. Keep the midpoints of these joists around 16 inches from the center. This is a sturdy construction.

  • You will place now treated 2×6 inches wood deck on these joists.
  • Using toenail, fix them firmly in place with 10d galvanized nails.
  • Next, install the 2×4 inch diagonal braces that increase the support of the system even more.
  • They run between the piers from the interior to the exterior and parallel to the pool.
  1. The Deck is Played Now

Once all that is done, you have to lay the upper foundation of the deck, the main patio on which people will stand and sit and enjoy. This can be done with wooden plans that are precut and fabricated. You can even lay other materials on top of them.

  • Use 2×6 inches wide wooden plans starting from outside of the deck towards inside.
  • Draw the lines properly so that they are parallel and meet the rounds at the corners perfectly.
  • They should touch each other and be close to each other as much as possible.
  • Always use a circular saw to trim the extra parts and wherever necessary to make them neat.
  • You shall also start with 2×6 inches wooden planks for the stairs and lay them straight at one corner of the deck.
  • Use concrete patio blocks to make the base of the stairs and use wood elsewhere, Cut the side of the stairs and count the number of stairs you want. DO not make them higher than 5 inches.
  • Check the stringers to ensure that they are leveled.
  1. Now onto the Guard Rails

The finishing touches of your modern deck are done with the guard rails. They must be in accordance with the permits you had obtained earlier. Use only the best materials that they have offered.

  • For this, you can use 4×4 inches precut wooden posts and start joining them around the deck’s upper part.
  • Lay them and also join them with long wooden planks.
  • DO not forget to leave an opening for your stairs to the deck and keep it big enough.
  • Already you had kept the design in your mind and taken the measurements in the first part of the article.
  • Use a precut sheet to lie on side of these posts to make them look elegant.


  • Pay extra care when making the stairs and get the help of woodworker if you do not have the proper qualification.
  • Use finishing materials as you please or polish the wood and coat them with water repellant and other stuff.

This allows keeping them from rotting soon and increases their life.