Well, whoever said you cannot pull a deck around your around pool by yourself was wrong, when you build a deck around and above ground pool, you instantly increase the value, attractiveness, and functionality of your invested time. Dine, take a sunbath, party and do everything else on this deck. Let me guide you through the easy steps of building a deck around your pool.

  1. Plan the Location

Before everything planning is more important because your planning will ensure that everything is streamlined and it will save you from foolish outputs.

  • If you are building a flat deck for table and chair please do not choose the lowest point in the garden where the water collects.
  • Put some treated legs on it if you are planning a deck where you will have a lot of still water.
  • If you are building a deck in an urban garden, try to contain it with drain.
  1. Consider your Surroundings

If you are building a deck that falls in front of your neighbors’ house exactly, you may want to consider doing a few things to ensure a smooth sail.

  • Try to increase the height of bushes to avoid seeing your neighbors all the time.
  • Keep in mind that the plants which are small now can grow up to become trees, taking more space.
  • Make a simple hatch into your deck so that the drain is accessible.
  1. Taking the Permits

Whenever you are doing any construction in your house make sure that you are not violating any rules or regulations of the land.

  • Even if it looks a small extension but this too comes under house construction which needs a permit.
  • Do not hesitate to visit the local building department to consult them about it.
  • Also, carry your rough plan with you to show it to the concerned person.
  • Ask the building inspector to come to your house and inspected as soon as possible.

There are lots of things to be considered before making a deck, if there are any changes recommended by the inspector do not hesitate to apply it immediately.

  • You need to check for the proper use of lighting bulbs for the decoration.
  • You also need to take special permission for electrical permits.
  • Do not neglect the essential arrangements and permits to avoid accidents.
  1. The Different Types of Deck

With the advancement of material the advancement in the features of it has also come into existence, there are different types of materials that you can do use for your deck.

  • Poured concrete is the most popular and usually the most affordable pool decking material.
  • Wood is low cost easy to work and creating beautiful natural appearance material.
  • Stone is durable affordable and stylish, making it the most popular baking material for climates.
  1. Do Not Over Expect

You don’t need to be an architect or a carpenter exactly to be able to make your precious deck with precision a little bit of Imperfection is always welcomed.

  • Do not panic if things don’t work out practically as you planned it on paper.
  • Do not chase the perfection neither you are a professional carpenter nor an architect.
  • Always keep a helping hand with you maybe your wife or some friend.
  • Also do not get carried away with pool decks from television ads, consider your requirements and budget.
  1. Pavers  are Also Great

Pavers are basically bricks made from either concrete or stone. They are arranged in an interlocking pattern and then placed on top of either a stone or a sand base.

  • Pavers are far less likely to crack or damage in the long run. Even if they crack it is easy to remove or replace.
  • Pavers are available in a variety of shapes sizes and colors, they give different design options.
  • Pavers are a bit costly but then it depends on the type of paper that you are going to add.
  1. Decide the Things Wisely

While choosing the direction and height of your deck, you should be considering a lot of factors that can disturb you or your immediate neighbors.

  • Choose a position to avoid constantly looking over your neighbors’ fence.
  • Also, avoid the location of the growing tree from your neighbors’ fence.
  • Consider your neighbors’ window or gallery where they will not be constantly watching up at you.
  1. The Measurements

Plan the measurements carefully so that you shouldn’t end up in a fix where you have to add something extra.

  • The size of the plank can be of a 2-inch thickness and 6 inches of height.
  • Please do calculate with the inch tape the measurements and make them on the ground as well.
  • Calculate and arrange the number of planks needed to be placed over the foundation to make the deck board.
  1. The Ideal Site Preparation

The length and breadth of the deck should be considered seriously while making the blueprints. you don’t know what other things you might be doing on that deck.

  • Keep some extra space for unexpected activities that you might do on your deck.
  • In general, you will at least need 9 to 10 square meters for tables and chairs.
  • Also considered to have enough space to move the chair in and out freely without falling off the edge.
  • Keep 3 mm of space between the two planks of the deck for the rainwater to pass.
  1. Just for Trial

When your plan is ready, try to arrange the raw materials like planks on the actual site so that you can have a final idea about its reality.

  • You may also like to place the vertical board that goes on the top to see how it looks finally.
  • You will also get an idea of whether to enhance the natural wooden texture by adding polish or have a color on it.
  • The frame can also be arranged to see how it looks with the base and flooring.
  • This will give you an idea of any mismatch before the real construction starts.
  1. Plan Out the Colors

Planning of colors for the deck is as important as the deck itself, the wrong combination can ruin not just the deck but the entire pool and garden.

  • The colors of the deck shouldn’t be dark if you have a lovely garden around it.
  • For a cemented environment design some bright warm colors are suitable.
  • You may also like to ditch the colors and just stay with the wooden polish.
  1. The Materials

When you are building a deck for your house, obviously you would like to use all the best materials available in the market.

  • You may like to do a survey of prices for different raw materials of the same quality.
  • You would require plenty of treated pines.
  • Arrange for the screws of proper length.
  • Also, wear hand gloves while doing the woodwork.
  • And buy a suitable color of stones for the basement.
  1. The Construction Begins

Since now when you have done an entire plan and arrangement, let’s build our basic frame to ensure we have a square or squarish shape of your deck.

  • Dig up to a depth of 5 cm to remove the turf mark your dick size with a shovel.
  • Make sure that the area of turf that has been the dug up is really level.
  • Use the spirit level to flatten any five points and fill the low points.
  • Also, make sure you don’t forget to remove the big stones if you see any.
  1. Arrange the Matting

The real process of making a perfect that starts from here, and we will start it from arranging the proper mating for the lower part

  • Do use the mating because it allows the water to flow through.
  • Do not let the water gets stagnant below the board or touch the wood.
  • The turf that you had removed can be replaced by small stones and pebbles up to a level.
  • Level these stones properly in order not to look like a mismatch.
  1. Assembling the Things

You may want to assemble the things before placing it over the site area of the deck.

  • If you have already made the wooden frame now you can simply place it over the stone foundation.
  • Now let’s start placing the planks according to the plan and connect them with screws.
  • The deck board that you had already cut in size has to be placed on the top and to be fixed with screws.
  • Make sure the differences between the two planks are equal at all the places.
  1. Use Spacers

After arranging the deck board over the deck base, and when that everything is arranged properly, you need to arrange a few more things after everything.

  • Use spaces between the decking boards to allow effective drainage.
  • 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch spaces are common but you can use 1/2 inch spacers as well.
  • There will be an expansion, so there has to be a space between two boards to let them expand.
  • Spacers are also essential for wedding decoration to the whole deck.
  1. The Guard Rail

If you have small kids in your house and you want to make your pool deck extra safe for the grade kids to play without any hesitation then consider guard rail.

  • You need to attach the posts first to the deck board before adding the rails.
  • The posts should be installed at every point where a joist meets the support.
  • Make sure to leave an opening for your stares at various points wherever required.
  • Deck rail doesn’t ensure complete safety be around when kids play.
  1. Adding the Stairs

Adding the stairs to your pool deck will have many benefits like your children can climb without the support of elders.

  • Use the same quality of wood that you used for the pool deck to avoid mismatch.
  • You can also maintain the same size and thickness of the blanks that you used for the full deck.
  • Keep the grooves or empty spaces on the stairs to add concealed lights if required.
  • Also, maintain the same amount of gap between two planks of stairs to escape the water.
  1. Adding the Decoration

There are various kinds of decoration that are available in the market some of them are really useful but the rest of them are just for the beautification.

  • If you are dining on your pool deck at night, do consider adding the right kind of lights that are bright enough.
  • You may also consider placing a reading couch, which is helpful also in taking sunlight.
  • Some not so useful but still beautiful decoration can be added to the aesthetics.
  • You may also add vanilla or flexible plastic flooring over the deck surface.


  • Please take all the necessary permissions for the construction of your pool deck from the local authorities, which includes permission for the electricity too.
  • Make sure you differentiate between what is essential and what is the decoration for the deck to avoid a mess.
  • Do not hesitate to add stairs and guard-rails to the pool deck for the extra support and safety of your family.

Your life will shift towards the poolside once you install the deck around it, so enjoy your hard work in full throttle.

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