Amazon has emerged as the most convenient online shopping site.

It has almost all products to choose fromPeople can get them delivered within a week or even within one or two business days.

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Buy on Amazon with PayPal

Amazon allows users to choose from a number of payment methods including credit cards, gift cards, and more. However, most people would prefer PayPal. Here are the steps that will let you know how to use PayPal on Amazon –

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  • First of all, visit the official site of Amazon and sign-in with your credentials.
  • You can browse and view products without an account, but you need to have an official Amazon account for buying the products.
  • Explore various categories and products and choose the product or item you want to buy.
  • During the checkout process, you can use the ‘PayPal MasterCard’. You can do a bank transfer or direct deposit.
  • Also, you can use the ‘PayPal’ business debit MasterCard, which debits funds directly from your PayPal balance.
  • If need be, you can buy Amazon gift cards with PayPal.
  • Decide which card you can use depending on the available credit balance on your card.

Buy on Amazon Prime Video

Rather than buying products or items, you can also buy prime videos on Amazon. Amazon contains limitless prime videos to choose from. Among that, you can buy the video you want to watch.

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  • Open Amazon prime video from your web browser and launch a prime video app on the connected device.
  • Amazon has many videos, so explore the featured videos or use the search option to find any specific video you want.
  • Once you got the video you want to buy, click on the video to view its details.
  • Choose the more option and scroll down to buy.
  • You can either buy or rent the videos, but confirm your choice.
  • You can subscribe to the prime video channel to keep receiving notifications from Amazon about new and striking videos.
  • If need be, you can cancel your prime video subscription. For that, go to ‘Manage the Prime Video Channels’ and find the subscription you want to cancel.
  • Choose cancel channel and confirm.

Buy on Amazon with a Visa Gift Card

Rather than using your real money, you can use the Visa gift card on Amazon to process your purchase. Your purchase with a Visa gift card is limited to its balance. Here is how to use a Visa gift card on Amazon.

  • Go to Amazon’s official site and click Sign-In. Enter your password and username to ‘Sign-In’ to your account.
  • Now, navigate to ‘Reload Your Balance’ page from the home page.
  • Enter the amount that is available on your Visa gift card.
  • Sign-In to your Amazon account again even if you have already logged into your account.
  • Click edit that appears on the payment method box. You will be taken to a new page, where you have to click ‘Add a Card’.
  • Enter your Visa gift card details in the specific fields and click next. If you forget any information of your Visa card, you can contact the number on the back of the card and verify the details.
  • Select the Visa gift card as the payment method and click on done.
  • You will be redirected to the reload your balance page. Verify the amount of the Visa gift card and click the ‘Reload’ button.
  • If your gift card balance is not sufficient to buy the product you want, you can combine your gift card balance and your money to finish your purchase.
  • Visa gift card has no minimum and maximum balance required to use the amount on Amazon. So, you can use the Visa gift card anytime for any purchase that is minimum or maximum.


You can buy any items or products such as accessories, dresses, appliances, chapels, fashion wears, and more. However, the only requirement is that you should have an official account for your shopping.

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