Congratulations, you have sold an item on Ebay! But now you will need to calculate the shipping cost to get that item to the buyer.

Don’t fret! Ebay provides a simple, handy shipping cost calculator tool for you to useFollow these quick steps to calculate the shipping cost of the item that you have sold or are looking to sell.

Go to the listing that you would like to calculate the shipping cost for

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  • Under your chosen listing, select the “Shipping” section.
  • In the “Shipping” tab, click on the option that says “Calculated: Cost varies by buyer location”.
  • Next, select the option “Calculate Shipping” which can be found next to the “Services” tab.

Enter some details about the item that you are going to ship

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  • You will then be prompted to enter details regarding the package that you are shipping.
  • You will need to enter the package type, weight, and dimensions. If the package is an unconventional or irregular shape, simply enter the dimensions of the box or packing container that you will be using to ship the item.
  • Enter your zip code, or the zip code from where you will be shipping the item, as well as any handling fees that may apply to this particular item.
  • You have the option to add the destination. It is recommended to use Ebay’s “Global Shipping Program” if it is going to be shipped internationally. You do not have to enter the destination as the calculator will use the zip code of origin as well as the customer’s zip code to calculate shipping door to door.
  • Click the button that says “Calculate Shipping” and the estimator will come up with the calculated shipping cost for you.

Select your shipping services if any apply, and complete your listing

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  • Ebay provides different shipping options for you to offer to your customers. Select the options, if any, that you would like to offer on the item in question.
  • You can re-order the shipping services by dragging them up or down depending on how you would like them to be presented to your buyer.
  • Shipping services include offering combined shipping. This is helpful for when the same buyer has made two purchases close together. The offer to ship the items together can save time and money and is often a good option.
  • Once you have selected the shipping services, complete your listing.

Things to keep in mind regarding shipping costs:

  • You can also use the shipping calculator before you create a listing for an item you are looking to sell.
  • You may want to do this to get an idea of what the cost to ship a package of a certain size to a certain zip code or region would be. 
  • Using the calculated shipping tool ensures that the buyer’s total cost, including shipping to their zip code, is known at the time of purchase. This could help avoid disputes down the line.

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