Calling an Uber is extremely easy but there may be times when you might get stuck.

Here are some very simple ways by which you can call an Uber driver for different purposes like, booking your cab, requesting a call back for a lost item, booking a cab in advance, etc.

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How to Book Your Uber Cab?

With the Uber app, you can call your driver with just a few clicks. The app is very easy to use, it uses your current location to locate all the nearby drivers and direct you to the nearest cab driver. Just follow the given steps for the same:

  • Open the Uber app. A “Where To?” box will be visible, enter your destination address in it. You can also click on the shortcut icon located at the bottom of your screen.
  • The app will automatically feed in your pickup location by using GPS. In case you wish to change it you can simply type the location you want at the pickup box.

Select as per Your Preference

A slider bar will present right at the bottom of your page which will include all the different types of cab services available by Uber such as Uber GO, Uber Pool, Uber XL, etc.

  • After you have selected your preference, click on ‘Request’. A confirmation of your pickup point may be asked. Wait till a driver accepts your request.
  • After your request has been accepted, your driver’s location and estimated time will be visible on your map.
  • When your driver will reach close to you, the app will notify you the same.

How can You Get a Price Estimate for Your Trip?

Whether or not to book an Uber and which one? Get your price estimate before booking a cab to answer this question. The price estimates shown in the app do not include any types of promotions. To know the price estimate, follow the given steps:

  • In the “Where To?” box, enter your destination address.
  • The pickup point will be automatically filled depending upon your GPS location. If you want to change it then simply type in your location.
  • Look at the slider bar below. The price estimates of each cab would be visible below each cab.

Can You Request More than One Vehicle at a Time?

This is the most asked question. Well, it is not possible to request more than one Vehicle at a time. It can be done only after one trip ends. You can get the answer to these questions here –

  • If you are traveling with a large group then verify with your driver how many people the car would accommodate.
  • Many cities also allow UberXL and Uber SUV facilities which provide larger cars for accommodating more people.

How to Book an Uber Ride in Advance?

Now, you have the option of scheduling a ride in advance ranging between 15 minutes and 30 days. Look at the below-mentioned steps to schedule an Uber in advance.

  • Next, to the “Where To?” bar, you will see a car icon with a clock located on it. After this click on select a date.
  • Click on “Set Pickup Time”. Your Pickup location will be automatically set. Set your destination location.
  • Check the estimated fair. Click on “Schedule”.

How to Change/Cancel Your Prescheduled Rides?

It is very easy to change/cancel your prescheduled rides. It can be done at any time before you’re being matched with a driver without a charge. Cancellation charges will be asked from you only if you have been matched with a driver. Just follow the given steps for the same.

  • Go to the app menu. Click on Your Trips.
  • To edit your time, click on “Edit Time”.
  • To cancel your rides, click on “Cancel Ride”.

Can You Request a Specific Driver?

This is another very frequently asked question on the Internet. Sadly, this feature is not available with the “Uber App”.

  • The app will send a request to nearby drivers when you request a ride.
  • Once this request is accepted by the driver, he will come to pick you up.
  • You cannot call any specific driver.

Can You Request for Long Trips?

Although there is no limited distance that you can travel on a trip, yet, the trip shall end after 4 hours. If in case this happens, the driver will be duly notified by the partner app.

  • Let your driver know of your plan of traveling long distances.
  • It’s always polite to inform your drivers about long trips before-hand so that drivers can make a return to their homes accordingly.
  • In case you want to continue the trip, request a new ride after your trip ends.
  • The same driver may accept your trip because he would be nearby only.

How to Request an Uber at the Airport?

Uber provides easy to and from services at all the major airports.

  • If you have a flight then checks the ETA 15-30 minutes prior to when you are ready to request your pickup.
  • Road construction, heavy traffic, and other external factors also can cause longer travel times.
  • By giving yourself the extra time you can avoid the last minute rush. If you are requesting a pickup from the airport, then be ready with your bags outside the airport.

Some Airports have Specific Rule

Some airports only have a specified location for their pickup, the app will duly you regarding your pickup location.

  • The driver shall also call you to verify your gate number.
  • If you are planning to make a long trip from the airport then inform your driver before-hand.

Can You Ride in an Uber Along with a Pet?

We all love our pets, don’t we? But can they travel along with you in your Uber ride?

  • If your local and federal laws permit the accompaniment of pets in the Uber rides, then they can.
  • In case you are traveling with your pet, contact the driver who has requested your ride and informs him the same before-hand.
  • To inform the driver, you can either call him or drop him a message.

How does an ETA Work?

ETA stands for Expected Time of Arrival. It is the expected time by which the driver shall arrive at your doorstep. This is an expected time only and not a guaranteed time.

  • The app shall provide you an ETA as soon as the trip starts. It provides you a time for when you should arrive at your destination.
  • Time travel shall get affected by several externalities.
  • ETA for each type of vehicle shall also be given at your side bar. After the trip starts, the ETA will be automatically updated.

How to Change Your Pickup Location?

The app automatically recognizes your location by using GPS. Follow the given steps in case you want a different pickup location.

  • On the map, click on the pickup location tab.
  • Enter the new address or building.
  • The app will show some choices, choose one of them.

How to Change Your Pickup Location Once You have Already Set it?

If a situation arises wherein you have to change the pickup location already set by you, then follow the given step:

  • Next, to the pickup location tab, the ‘Edit’ tab is present. Press this tab.
  • Enter your new address.

Drag the pin point location

If you want then you can also drag the pin located on the map to the required location.

  • When done, then presses confirm.
  • This feature doesn’t exist in ‘UberPOOL’.

How can You Contact a Driver?

By following these steps, you can contact your driver regarding your pickup location or regarding other details of your ride.

  • At the bottom of the page, a bar will be available which will display the driver’s information. Click on “Contact”.
  • You can now choose between calling and messaging.
  • If the driver is driving, then he may not pick up your call or reply to your messages.

How to Cancel an Uber Ride?

A trip can be canceled anytime before or after the driver has accepted your trip. In case the trip is canceled by you when the driver is only 5 minutes away from your pickup location, a cancellation charge will be charged from you which will vary from city to city. In case your driver is 5 minutes behind your ETA, cancellation fees will not be charged. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the white colored information bar. Click on ‘Cancel Trip’.
  • You will have to confirm whether or not you want to end the ride. Tap ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ accordingly.
  • Follow this procedure only when the driver has not accepted your ride. If he has accepted your ride, swipe up from the bottom of your screen and tap “Cancel” and then click on “Confirm”.

How to Share Your Location?

You can use the “Live Location Sharing” feature to share your exact location to your driver. This will help your driver in locating you as you walk towards your pickup location. Once the driver reaches the pickup location, and the extra icon will be visible to him on the map which will indicate your exact location. The driver will not be able to see this location once the trip starts. Follow the given steps to share your location to the driver by using this feature.

  • Go to the “Menu” icon. Click on “Settings”.
  • Select the “Privacy Settings” by swiping down. Click on “Share Live Location”.

Can You Split a Fare with a Friend?

Uber allows you to divide your fare equally with all the riders by using the “Split Fare Feature”. Follow the given steps to split your fare.

  • First, request an Uber ride.
  • At the bottom of your screen, a “Split Fare” option is present, select this option.
  • Type the names/phone numbers of all the other riders you want to split the share with.

Split Fare Option in New Application

In the new app, in order to go to the “Split Fare” option, you have to swipe up from the bottom.

  • A notification will be sent to everyone you have selected for splitting the fare with.
  • They are required to accept this request. Following this, the trip fare will be equally divided.


  • If you are traveling in a large group and want many cabs, then you can ask other people in your group to book Ubers.
  • If you are traveling with a pet then, carry a basket or a blanket to avoid any mess/ damage and help the driver keep the car clean.

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