How many days does a customer have to enroll in Sprint Complete?

Sprint Customers have 30 days following a device upgrade or activation to activate Sprint Complete. However, the service is only available on select devices, including smartphones, wearables, and tablets.

How much does sprint complete cost?

The Cost of Sprint Complete is $15/month for most phones, $19/month for the latest and most expensive ones. This makes the carrier’s coverage pricier than AT&T’s and Verizon’s, though unlike those two carriers it also include Apple Care enrollment for eligible devices.

Is Sprint complete a monthly charge?

The monthly cost of Sprint Complete is from $9 to $17, and it covers iPhones, Android phones, tablets and smartwatches. For comparison, AppleCare for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max starts at $10 a month and goes up to $15 a month if you add theft and loss protection, which is included with Sprint Complete.

Do you have to have Sprint Complete?

Sprint Complete covers defects after the standard warranty expires, accidental damage and theft and loss….Sprint Complete coverage.SPRINT COMPLETECLAIM LIMITS3 within 12 months

Will Sprint upgrade a cracked phone?

Yes you can. If you have insurance, it’ll be a $30 screen repair and a $33 dollar upgrade fee before any deposits. If you don’t have insurance, there will be a damage fee, but I don’t know those by memory, but sometimes the damage fee is as expensive as the fair market value so just go to a store and find out.

Is Apple Care included in Sprint Complete?

AppleCare+ is a warranty program you directly buy from Apple, while Sprint Complete with AppleCare+ is an insurance plan you buy from Sprint. For the latest and flagship IPhone like IPhone 13 Pro and IPhone 13 Pro Max, AppleCare+ with loss and theft protection costs $269 for two years or $13.49 a month.

How much storage do Sprint Complete customers get when using the complete storage app?

The Complete Storage app is available for iOS devices with iOS 9.0 and above. 5 GB storage included at no cost—every Sprint customer is eligible. Sprint Complete customers receive Unlimited storage. Complete Storage is powered by Asurion.

What is Sprint Tech up program?

Sprint TechUp These are customers with devices that will stop working once the legacy network is decommissioned. … The targeted customers will be able to choose from 14 free devices, including the 5G-enabled Samsung Galaxy A32, Revvl V+, and OnePlus Nord N200.

What is Sprint stand alone?

For complete terms and conditions, visit Monthly charge $6.25 per device (when purchased as a stand-alone product). Covered incidents Mechanical and electrical breakdown (malfunction) due to defects in material workmanship or normal wear and tear (including cracked screens).

What happened to Sprint Complete?

The Sprint Complete storage service will end on November 1, 2021, and your media (photos/videos) will no longer back up to the cloud. … Asurion will move everything for you and let you know when your photos and videos are fully transferred.

Does Sprint backup photos?

The Sprint Backup app allows you to back up your Android phone to the Sprint Cloud Drive. Choose how often you want to back up your device – daily, weekly, monthly or manually. … Set up automatic backups with easy to use setting options.

How do I save pictures from Sprint Complete?

Select download my content to get started. Sign in to your Sprint Complete Storage account. Request a zip file of your photos. We’ll email you a download link, valid for 7 days, when the your photos are ready.

Should I migrate to T-Mobile from Sprint?

Unless Sprint coverage in your area is specifically better, or you’re on a grandfathered Sprint plan like SWAC, in most cases T-Mobile will make sense, especially if you want 5G service. … All Sprint customers will be moved to T-Mobile sometime in 2022, so it will happen regardless.

Will all Sprint customers become T-Mobile?

A third of Sprint customers have already been moved onto the T-Mobile network, according to T-Mobile. … T-Mobile says it will reach out to all customers who will need a new SIM card or device to stay connected, but if you’re curious whether your device is compatible you can run an IMEI check on T-Mobile’s website.

When can you switch from Sprint to T-Mobile?

Then, in July 2022, about 4 million Sprint customers will be migrated to T-Mobile, while the rest of 8 million Sprint customers will be brought to Magenta’s systems in January 2023. According to the document, June 2023 will be the last month of the plan, so any remaining accounts should be fully migrated by that time.

Will T-Mobile buy out my Sprint contract?

Get a new phone and we’ll pay off your current phone and service contracts – up to $650 per line or $350 in early termination fees, via virtual prepaid card and trade-in credit.

What does T-Mobile Sprint merger mean for Sprint customers?

Sprint and T-Mobile are merging—finally. If you’re an existing Sprint customer, there’s nothing you need to do yet. Your phone will still work, your plan won’t change, and you can go to the same stores for service. … Older Sprint phones will work until the end of 2021, and your service plan is safe until 2023.

Will Tmobile Sprint merger improve coverage?

And this means that Sprint customers will face more changes than T-Mobile customers. … Sprint is still your network, and you’ll receive the same perks and privileges that you did before the merger. You might even see increased network coverage in areas that are covered by T-Mobile.