Can cherry wood be stained gray?

A red cherry table turned driftwood gray using a reactive stain finish! Reactive stains cause a chemical reaction in wood, making it look weathered and aged. Spalted (also called ambrosia) cherry is very rare but so beautiful!

Can you stain cherry wood a different color?

Cherry darkens over time

After the first couple of weeks, darkening becomes more gradual. … If you want to give cherry a dark color right away, don’t use oil stain. It colors cherry’s pores and makes it look unnatural. Sealing the surface and then applying coats of colored glaze is the way to go.

Can you stain cherry cabinets grey?

Cherry wood can be stained with any number of different colors however, just like any other wood species, and this can lead to confusion. Kitchen cabinetry can appear dark brown, grey, yellow, etc.

What colors can you stain cherry?

Cherry Wood stain is light pink to rich reddish-brown.

In the beginning, it can be light pink in color and gets darker over time due to sunlight. Finally, it becomes a reddish-brown color. It takes only six months to get darker over time as the light is exposed. Now the same goes for the cherry wood stain as well.

Does cherry stain well?

Cherry is a favored wood among furniture builders for its deep richness and for the color that only seems to improve with age. It sands to a very smooth finish relatively easily and takes stain to adjust the color quite well. … Well-cured cherry can be as strong as maple and easier to work with than oak.

What does natural cherry wood look like?

The heartwood (wood closest to the center of the log) starts out a light pinkish brown that develops into a rich reddish brown shade over time. The sapwood of the cherry tree is a creamy pale yellow color. Cherry wood colors vary from tree to tree and even among boards from the same cherry tree.

What wood color is closest to cherry?

Red Alder is substantially cheaper, cuts and sands easily, and has very similar grain and appearance to cherry. Under the right stain and finish, you could easily fool someone into thinking they were looking at cherry. Ellis Walentine: Maple and birch are the most common substitutes.

Will stained cherry darken?

The simple answer is yes. Natural cherry wood oxidizes when given exposure to UV lights, causing it to gradually darken over time. … When purchasing cherry wood, whether natural or stained, you should expect your furniture to appear lighter in color when you first receive it and expect it to darken over time.

What color is cherry wood?

Cherry Wood
Color Light pink to rich reddish brown
Source American Black Cherry Tree (Prunus Serotina)
Hardness 995 on the Janka scale
Cost $3 to $10 per board feet
Common Uses Furniture, cabinets, flooring, kitchen accessories

Why is cherry wood so expensive?

Cherry Wood is Pretty Exclusive

One of the reasons cherry wood is so expensive is because it’s highly sought after and hard to find. The aesthetic look and unique visual appeal of it makes cherry wood a hot ticket item for those that enjoy beautiful furniture.

How can you tell if wood is cherry?

Cherry has a simple, fine, closed grain, much like that of maple. You can see the grain pattern pretty well in the Cherry Moon bed above. Fake “cherry” wood often has little or no grain pattern. It’s made by taking a cheaper wood, bleaching it, texturizing it with chemicals, then staining it with a “cherry” stain.

Is cherry considered a hardwood?

Cherry. Cherry is a hardwood with a fine, straight grain that ranges from reddish brown to blond.

Is cherry wood a good wood?

Durability. While cherry is a softer hardwood, it is durable and a great choice for ornate chair or table styles. Even though cherry is a slightly softer variety of hardwood, it’s one you can trust to stay strong.

Is cherry wood more expensive than mahogany?

Differences between cherry and mahogany include cost — cherry is less expensive — and origination, since cherry is a domestic hardwood and mahogany is imported.

What are the disadvantages of cherry wood?

For the disadvantages of the cherry wood, direct sunlight could damage it if exposed for prolonged periods. It is also quite expensive even more expensive than oak or maple wood. This material is also not resistant to water damage and could be affected by moisture damage.

How long does cherry wood take to darken?

about six to 12 months
It will take about six to 12 months to reach that rich dark hue that so many people have come to expect with cherry, depending on light exposure, and this reddish tone will only continue to deepen as time goes on.

Does cherry wood last long?

Even so, the benefits of cherry just keep coming even long after purchase. For aesthetic purposes, with consistent proper maintenance, cherry wood furniture will continue to keep its unrivaled shine for years. While some woods may weaken over time, cherry remains strong and dependable.